The Shaunie Project


Shaunie O'Neal and ex-hubby Shaq are battling it out in court over her new reality show 'The Shaunie Project'. 

Shaunie's new show, set to air on VH1, will focus on her life as a mother to her four kids, but there's a snafu: her ex is blocking her attempts to actually feature the kids citing the negative aspects of reality TV.  Quick question: Aren't these particulars you should have ironed out before, you know, inking a deal to do a reality show about your kids? Just wondering… 

Shaunie is trying to convince Shaq (and a judge) that the new venture is just good, wholesome family fun and will feature her doing things like working out with the kids.

Shaq disagrees. Pointing out Basketball Wives as an example, he feels there are too many producer-driven pressures to create drama because drama sells. And he believes the show will go the way of most reality shows and focus on controversy over positivity.