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It’s becoming more and more obvious every year that Tool Academy is a show solely for entertainment. How else can one explain Jacob Tapia winning the third season?

The guy lied his way through the show, picked a fight with almost every other contestant and quite frankly showed little to no improvement. There were more deserving winners, Kevin anyone?

In a new interview with VH1, Jacob talks winning the show and his relationship status with girlfriend Christie. They are still together by the way. Excerpts from that below -

So what’s happened since the show? How are you and Christie doing? I’ve been kind of low-key since the show aired, just because of contracts and I don’t want to get in any kind of trouble. We’re still together, we’re doing good.

How did Tool Academy change your relationship? It’s helped our relationship a lot. We have a lot more trust in each other. Going through the experience of the Academy brought us closer. We’re going great right now.

Some of Tool Academy’s couples have made a deeper commitment at the end, like gotten married or engaged. Have you two talked about it? Right. We talked about it. But we’re gonna wait and see what happens with my career, where we’re gonna live, whether that’s Florida or California. Then once we get settled, make the next move.

Those first few sessions you mostly were just aggressive. I think a lot of us were wondering how you stayed. I was pissed off. I was throwing stuff, breaking chairs and kicking over objects they had set up. I was really frustrated. Everything was overwhelming. I had lots of mixed emotions, I remember that. And a lot of anger.

Why did you turn on Jennavecia? Me and Jennavecia were cool in Cancun, and then we got to the Academy and I wanted to keep my distance. I didn’t want her to be too close to me because I felt like she would try to make a move. The thing about her is that she would talk a lot of s*** about how her man would beat my ass. And then I would approach her man and Kyle wanted no part of me. So that kind of got old after the third or fourth episode in.

Tommy accuses you of being a bully in the house. Were you? That’s not true. Nobody bullied anybody. Some people called me a bully because when I had a problem with someone I would call it out. On the other hand you had people like Tommy who would talk s*** about people. I would rather be someone who’s real and up front than talk behind someone’s back. Kevin stood up for me. He said, “Jacob’s not being a bully, Jacob’s just being Jacob.” If I don’t like you because you’re talking ****, I’ll call you out. That’s not being a bully. It’s being real.

How did you stay after getting into so many fights? I don’t know why…every week, looking back, I was getting badges, and I know there were people out there blogging about me, saying, “I don’t know why Jacob’s still around,” but I guess Trina saw something in me. The first week I think I should have been eliminated. I got a freebie because Chasyn left. It just seemed like every week I was going to be eliminated, but this person did something just a little bit worse. I don’t know why Trina kept me around, except that she thought I could change. She actually told me that I was a late bloomer, in the final elimination. It just took a while for things to hit home for me.

You think all of Angelo’s tears were for the game? Angelo is really fake. He’s a crybaby, but I think a lot of his tears were for money. I’m glad they saw through that.

Be honest. Were you there for the money? I wasn’t really there for the money. I will admit, though, when it got to the Top 3, I was thinking, “Wow, I actually have a chance at winning $100,000.” Looking back at it, earning all these badges, why not continue to grow? So at that point I was like, I’m going to do what I can. I’m going to show the Academy I’ve changed.

So what are your plans for the cash? There’s no plans for the money right now. I’m just going to put it in the bank and sit on it for a little bit. A lot of doors have opened since the show, so I’m going to have different avenues of making money and having a career, so I don’t have to touch that right away.


Tool Academy

Tool Academy

Last night was the Tool Academy reunion show and boy was there some more drama! We first find out that Margo, Robert and Karine would not be in attendance. Shawn decides to once again attack Mega about his relationship or non relationship with Margo which leads to Mega going off on Shawn and pretty much shutting him up.

Cameron and Clarence aka Celebrity take the stage, and we found out Celebrity is still the same old tool. He tries to get back in Cameron’s good graces but she brushes him off. We reported earlier that the rumor was Celebrity and Cameron were not an actual couple, but friends who decided to lie in hopes of winning the cash.

Krista and Jenna get into it again, and the quote of the night goes to Jenna!

Jenna – “Who are you calling white trash bitch when you have 2 kids, a boyfriend, a husband, and your boyfriend got fired from target!” Good one Jenna.

Krista and Tommy take the stage. Krista accuses Tommy of being unfaithful. She claims some girls were posting on onlines blogs that they had been intimate with Tommy. Tommy is given a lie detector which he fails. This leads to the biggest show down on the reunion. Krista walks off the stage, slapping Tommy in the process. Tommy denies cheating but it left to go back to the main stage alone to the audience’s applause.

Shawn takes the stage with both Aida and Jaimee. We find out that Shawn and Aida are no longer together. We’re guessing she finally saw him for the tool that he is. A random girl walks on to the stage, and claims to be pregnant by Shawn. Shawn admits this to be the truth and we find out Shawn might just be the biggest tool on the planet.

Jenna and Matsuflex say they are still dating and are happy to let us know their relationship has been consumated. Ashley and Josh are still together and happily married. They are presented with their $100,00o cash prize once again.

VH1 is currently casting for season 2.

Tool Academy

Tool Academy

The tool academy finale was last night and the show ended with Josh Douglas aka TinyTool winning the $100,000 prize. Josh was also given a free diamond ring and a free wedding for his girlfriend Ashley. Even though the wedding seemed rushed and forced, the couple seems to be happily married according to their myspace pages.

Mastuflex came in second place which is probably for the best as The Dirty website reported in January that Mastuflex and Jenna were not an actual couple. The report also said Shawn’s bringing two different girls on the show was scripted, along with Celebrity’s relationship with Cameron.

The reunion show ends next week. And VH1 is now casting for the second season.

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