Travis Hollman

D’Andra Simmons Thinks It Was “Unfair” For Mark Deuber To Be At The Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion & Stephanie Hollman “Is Unable To Make Her Own Decisions”

The first episode from the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 reunion has been a LeeAnne Locken bashing session. In reality, everyone on the opposite couch should be grateful for LeeAnne’s antics blessing them with a story line, but no one seems to get that. Thankfully D’Andra Simmons has LeeAnne’s back and seems to be the most reasonable person in the cast.

D’Andra is the only person who can check LeeAnne and defend her just as well- and LeeAnne really needed the latter after that brutal first part of the reunion.

Stephanie Hollman sits down with Brandi Redmond

Stephanie Hollman‘s second season of Real Housewives Of Dallas is off to a poopy start – she’s feuding with her BFF Brandi Redmond, still dealing with LeeAnne Locken, and being forced into renovating the house from hell.

However, after surviving her first season and temporarily losing a close friendship with BrandiStephanie is trying to stay sane in the Bravo Universe.

“It’s really hard to be vulnerable on something that’s meaningful,” Stephanie says of her sit-down with Brandi. “Like the first few weeks of filming, I felt like I was gonna have a nervous breakdown because […] it was important and it was an emotional thing. I was so worried that I was gonna screw everything up by putting it out there with her because you know with cameras on you everything is so heightened, so it was scary.”

Stephanie Hollman Is Over LeeAnne Locken

One of Stephanie Hollman’s major story lines during the first Real Housewives of Dallas season was the dynamic of her marriage with Travis Hollman. The viewers really had a field day when he presented her with a list of chores. So of course, they’re most likely going to lay into them when Travis put a bid (and got) a house with a swimming pool in the living room and it came across like Stephanie was in the dark on the purchase.

Other than that, Stephanie‘s major story line (i.e. the only thing happening so far this season) is her fall out with best friend Brandi Redmond, which of course now involves most of the other cast members.

Stephanie Hollman Is Over LeeAnne Locken

It was shocking to see that Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond were not on speaking terms when Real Housewives of Dallas returned for Season 2. These two were legitimately best friends outside of the show and were attached at the hip, so to see them not talking at all and not even arguing with each other was quite the surprise.

Brandi was upset over one of Stephanie‘s blogs, in which she talked about her marriage. Brandi refused to speak with Stephanie for months even though they both admit that Stephanie reached out to her constantly.

Stephanie Hollman Bone Marrow Surgery

Is Stephanie Hollman the only saint on Bravo? Apparently her goodness was no act for the cameras, because the Real Housewives Of Dallas star underwent surgery to donate bone marrow for a life-staving transplant. Dang, girl, I hope you get a halo in next season’s opening montage!

“Proud of this girl! @stephhollman jumped on a flight last night to undergo a bone marrow donation, potentially saving the life of a much needed recipient She’s a superhero in my books!” Stephanie’s husband Travis shared in an Instagram post.


Lisa Vanderpump

Real Housewives cast members Lisa Vanderpump and Stephanie Hollman have the funds to make property purchases whenever they want – well, at least for the most part, and weirdly enough the reality TV stars who live in Beverly Hills and Dallas, respectively, both just made real estate moves in Los Angeles.

No, it doesn’t seem like Stephanie is jumping ship from Real Housewives of Dallas to join one of the California casts. And I doubt Lisa will abandon Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but they both have some property news in the L.A. area.


Reality TV Stars Celebrate Father's Day

Let’s take a peek at how some of the reality TV stars celebrated Father’s Day!

Above: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice shared, “With my Papa and my handsome brother Joey. Love them both so much.”

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I have no idea why anyone likes LeeAnne Locken. I’m looking at you, Tiffany Hendra, an apparent saint considering her kindness and loyalty thus far on Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne is not nice to anyone and it seems like she uses charity to advance her own social standing. The other RHOD ladies agree with my sentiments since they have all been talking about and coming for LeeAnne.

I was hoping that it was a misunderstanding and LeeAnne secretly has a heart of gold or something like that, but that is clearly not the case. I have no idea why LeeAnne is so vicious, but she is always going after these women and it’s scary AF. She even had the nerve to detail how each of them has marriage problems and that that they take these issues out on her. The woman is definitely reaching. This is worse than when she said that God showed her Marie Reyes‘s text messages when it was clearly Tiffany who printed them out for her. I’m pretty sure God has better things to do than reach out to LeeAnne about a former friend who can’t stand her.