Vanderpump Rules

James Kennedy & Logan

At the beginning of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, James Kennedy’s close friendship with Logan Noh was a hot topic of conversation. Logan admitted to having a crush on James and the two of them had a very affectionate rapport, so it was only a matter of time before the romance rumors started up.

And those rumors actually got started thanks to Logan himself, who drunkenly told Brittany Cartwright’s sister that he and James had been”f-cking.” James was devastated that his best friend resorted to lying to secure a story line about the state of their relationship.

Jax Taylor grovels to Sherri

Even though Lala Kent insists that her man Randall Emmett would never appear on Vanderpump Rules, he has been spending a lot of time with her costars. He’s brought them to Vegas, in that infamous private jet, of course. They’ve played poker together. It seems like he is becoming an integral part of the crew.

And now he met the self-proclaimed “number one guy in this group” Jax Taylor. So what does Jax think?

Brittany Cartwright

I’m so tired of hearing about Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s pathetic relationship. I’m so tired of it that I’m actually in agreement with Tom Sandoval on the matter: Brittany stupidly chose to stay with Jax knowing he’s a low-down, dirty scoundrel, so leave her alone to stew in her own Kentucky fried juices.

I personally think Brittany loooooves laying on that accent, thick as a beer cheese dipped chicken wing, and playing damsel in distress. Not to the guys – Jax already rescued her from a Hooters farm in ‘tucky – but to the girls on Vanderpump Rules. They see it as their responsibility to rescue Brittany. Maybe because those that can’t do a decent relationship, try to micromanage other’s disaster relationships. Or maybe they know they’re all a lost cause but sweet, innocent Brittany of the slow blinking My Little Pony eyes and Dr. Pepper flavored Bonne Belle chapstick – they can save her from the Jaxing that destroyed Stassi Schroeder and so many before (and during and after) her! 

Kristen loves some crazy!

Normally, it’s a bad thing for a reality TV to get less screen time than they have during previous seasons of the show, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules. As a loyal viewer, I sure do miss her “crazy,” but as a fan, it just seems like she’s in a happy, stable relationship that doesn’t make for a great story line.

Kristen and her man Brian Carter have been going strong for a long time, but he hasn’t really been on the show much. So is there trouble in paradise? Are they even in a relationship anymore? Kristen set the record straight with a tweet.


Throughout the past few years, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been accused of being a sugar baby (among many other things) and although she adamantly denies that claim and has burgeoning beauty empire of her own, she does have one baby-like habit.

Here’s a twist no one saw coming: Lala Kent drinks milk from a baby bottle. Yes, you read that right. The woman who has been the voice of reason and pinnacle of maturity this season warms up milk and drinks it out of a baby bottle.

Instagram Roundup: Scheana Marie, Margaret Josephs, Shannon Beador, Sonja Morgan, & More!

It feels like Christmas Eve for reality TV fans. There are so many new seasons on the way and that means that your favorite reality TV stars are sharing behind-the-scenes photos.

Orange County Housewife Tamra Judge was a good sport holding up an orange for the Real Housewives of Orange County opening credits…while she leaned on a scooter with her broken foot. New York Housewife Sonja Morgan shared a photo from one of her on-camera interview looks. Sonja’s costar Tinsley Mortimer ditched the glam squad (for a moment, at least) and  put on her own lip gloss.

Other reality stars shared photos hanging out with their kids like Teen Mom stars Javi Marroquin, Kail Lowry, and Leah Messer. Kristin Cavallari enjoyed spring break with her children. Rachel Zoe shared a sweet selfie with her two sons.

One of the more random photos from this week was of Real Housewives of Orange County alum Lydia Mclaughlin and Zac Efron- which was for her magazine, of course.

Check out all of those photos and more in this week’s edition of Instagram Roundup in the gallery below.

[Featured Image Credit: Instagram]

Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz

After a very rocky Season 5, things are going a lot better for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz this year on Vanderpump Rules. Just like everyone else in the cast, they’ve had their own drama to deal with, but that’s utter child’s play in comparison to past seasons with drink throwing, rings on strings, and rage texting.

Even with a significant dip in the Tom and Katie drama, there are other cast members coming through with the public fights this season. We were blessed with James Kennedy and Lala Kent screaming at each other, storming out of a restaurant, and continuing the argument on the sidewalk just because Lala ate some pasta.

Scheana Marie

I figured that the Vanderpump Rules season following Scheana Marie’s divorce where she’s happily in a new relationship would be a lot easier than the one before- where she was trying to make it work with her husband while he was “at the studio” during every cast event.

From the shady editing, to the Rob-sessed quotes, there have been very few redeeming moments. Her costars are shading her and so are the viewers. Is the criticism worse than it has been in the past? Apparently so since Scheana’s mom has stepped in to shut down her haters- again.