On last night's Mob Wives, Carla Facciolo returns, and she isn't afraid of Love Majewski no matter how much Big Ang and Drita D'avanzo try to warn her of Love's violent ways.  Renee Graziano starts a new business venture, and Ramona Rizzo and Karen Gravano are still bickering like sisters.  At least everyone is keeping their hands to themselves…so far!

Love has an appointment with her neurologist.  She was involved in a horrible car accident a few years ago, and she still suffers from pain as a result.  Her doctor questions her headaches, temper, and memory loss, and Love is worried that she's getting worse.  In fact, just the other day, she got into a fight with some girls in the bathroom at a club, and she has no recollection of shoving one of the women's faces in the toilet.  No way.  The neurologist believes she's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after cracking her skull in the accident, and he urges her not to get in situations where her temper could be exacerbated and she could lose consciousness in a fit of rage. 

Karen and Ramona are preparing to go back to Staten Island, and Karen is thankful that she was able to work things out with Dave and meet his girlfriend.  She feels they made a lot of progress, and that will only be a positive step for Karina.  Dave drops by to say good-bye, and he's pleased that the pair have opened up their lines of communication.  Now Karen can focus on reopening her father's case.


Worried that Love may open up a can of whoop-ass on her friend, Drita knows she needs to talk to Carla.  She stops by her friends home to warn her of Love's issues with Carla.  Carla has never met Love, and she could not care less that her current boyfriend used to have a thing with Love.  Drita is concerned that her friend doesn't seem to care that Love hates her, and Carla wants Drita not to be involved when the other ladies are talking smack.  After all, Carla had Drita's back when she was the odd woman out of the group.  Drita wishes Carla would take Love's threats more seriously. 

Renee heads into Brooklyn to visit her friend Jiton's new shoe store.  I think Love & Hip Hop's Rashidah Ali must be lurking somewhere in the background stealing ideas.  Renee pitches the idea of starting a mob inspired shoe line which she wants to call Mob Candy.  She wants the shoes to be glamorous, over-the-top, and of course, very gangster.  The women discuss setting up a meeting with Jiton's shoe designer to get the ball rolling.


Across the street from the Drunken Monkey, Drita is working on her make-up salon.  She and Ang are thirilled to be neighbors, and Ang is excited about Drita's progress.  The two women are worried that Love is going to serve Carla her arse on a platter.  Drita takes a phone call from Lee, and she and Ang complain about how useless their men are…unless it comes to drinking beer.  Preach it, ladies!

Ramona is taking her daughters to meet with Butch who touts himself as a grand wedding planner impresario.  While she wishes she could have her wedding at his lavish venue, she's going to have to have a home wedding due to special circumstances.  Ramona then informs Butch that those special circumstances are because her fiance is in jail, and she's hoping he'll at least be able to get out on bail for a week to say his vows.  She'll only have forty-eight hours notice, so Ramona and Butch plan the elaborate details.  Ramona isn't willing to entertain any of her friends' negativity when it comes to her wedding.


Over pizza, Karen fills in her actual cousin Rena about her trip to Arizona.  Rena is supportive of Karen's plans to reopen her father's case.  We learn that Rena's father is doing time for allegedly planning to go to Arizona to kill Karen's father.  The cousins harbor no ill will or grudges…the men were simply living how they were expected within the lifestyle.  Seriously?  Karen would hold a grudge against someone for looking at her sideways, but she has nothing but love for a man who is convicted of plotting to murder her dad?  Okey doke. 

Carla is getting a facial from her former father-in-law (who also happened to be Drita's gynecologist).  Joe now works for his dad, and the two are able to joke around during Carla's procedure.  Joe asks his dad to do something about Carla's big mouth.  Meanwhile, Drita and Love are getting manicures, and Drita shares her conversation with Carla.  Love goes off on Carla and even accuses her of giving Love's business logo (angel wings) to Joe's father-in-law to use at his Angel Skin spa.  Carla better say good-bye to her front teeth if Love gets her way.

It's mother/son bonding for Renee and A.J. as the pair goes indoor rock climbing together.  How fun!  Renee is determined to do positive activities with her son even if it terrifies her.  A.J. is equal parts mortified and entertained by his mother's antics, and he is truly a good kid.  He explains that he wants to make his own money and not live off his mother.  A.J. thinks his mom is doing a great job with her recovery, but he's not keen on her tearing up every time he pays her a compliment.


Drita, Ramona, and Karen are going clubbing for Love's forty-first birthday.  Karen is excited because her new business partner beau Storm will be in attendance, but she isn't thrilled with Ramona's negative attitude towards.  The friends have passive aggressive words, but Storm arrives to change lighten the mood.  Love totally approves of her friend's new love interest, and Drita thinks he's perfect for Karen.  I certainly prefer these two as friends instead of bitter enemies.

Jiton has set up a meeting for Renee to meet with designers to see their Mob Candy creations.  She's going through the sketches, and Renee is super excited to see the prototypes.  I'm dying laughing at these shoes…especially calling the chandelier shoe "classy," but I'm happy to see Renee centered and focused on a goal.

At a local castle (what??), Carla is hosting a wine tasting for family and friends, but Drita and Ang are the only girls from the group she's invited.  Big Ang and sweet Neil arrive, followed by Drita who is wearing something from the Nancy Sinatra Collection.  While she doesn't want to ruin her friend's event, Drita enlists Ang to help convince Carla to be very afraid of Love.  Drita relays Love's newest claim about the logo-stealing, and Carla is floored.  She had no clue that Love even had a business much less a logo (and a tattoo) of angel wings.  Drita and Ang believe Carla's total shock, but Carla is disappointed that her friends thought Love's story had some truth.  Drita thinks the two women need to talk things out, but she's worried about Love's violent temper.  Carla isn't willing to back down to anyone.


Next week, A.J. wants his mother to give him more space, and Love completely goes off on some bystanders while Karen and Ramona are in the middle of a tiff.  The ladies are totally floored by her outburst.


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