The folks of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just keep getting crazier and crazier, don't they?  After Mimi Faust bit Stevie J's face last week on the show after a run-in with Joseline Hernandez and Lil' Scrappy turned himself into the po-po in real life, I am convinced that this crew is going to bring even more drama this season than last…and I didn't think that could be possible!

After Stevie spends the night with Joseline, she decides that she can't handle a relationship with him knowing that Mimi is never going away.  Joseline wants to focus solely on her career, and she requests Stevie's undivided attention if he wants to stick around.  He asks her to make him breakfast before she starts her day, but Joseline is no fool.  She hits the road and leaves Stevie hungry.

Erica Dixon tells fiance Scrappy that her mother is having issues with their wedding.  She wishes her mom would be more supportive, and Scrappy is tired of both of their mothers overstepping their boundaries.  While Erica knows she'll never have Momma Dee on her side, she is confident that she can get her mom on the same page as Scrappy if she can arrange a sit down for the duo.  Scrappy concedes…he'll let Erica's mom get to know him–and his multiple personalities.


We're introduced to Atlanta DJ Traci Steel who has a six-year-old son with her ex, Chris Brown's DJ Drew.  Her little boy is precious, and Traci is throwing around words like "civil" and "co-parenting."  I wonder if she's on the wrong show.  Traci doesn't want her son to grow to think it's okay to have a revolving door of women like his dad has.  I get the feeling Drew would never (cough, cough) let that happen as he explains to Traci he's made t-shirts with his own personal code name for groupies.  THAHA.  "These Hos Are Hos Always" is Drew's new catch phrase so he can refer to groupies without them knowing he's talking smack about them.  Classy!  Traci wants Drew to stop bringing THAHAs around their son.  So, does she not want a t-shirt?  Drew thinks Traci is just jealous…he doesn't bring groupies into Little Drew's life.  His last lady friend was a school teacher.  Sure she was.


At the gym, Mimi is taking out her frustrations with Stevie on a punching bag.  She's explaining her situation with Stevie and Joseline to K. Michelle.  K. Michelle thinks that Mimi needs to stop going back to Stevie and focus on herself and her daughter, and as for Joseline, she looks like she sleeps on mattresses with no sheets.  Preach it.  Mimi promises that she's done trying to work on things with Stevie, but I'll believe that when I see it.  Does she really want to set this kind of example for her daughter?

Joseline is meeting with fellow hustler and booking agent Dawn over drinks.  Dawn reveals to her that she's making bank with her hosting gigs, but she'll be making double once she drops a single…whenever that is.  Unfortunately for Joseline, she didn't read her contract with Stevie so as far as she knows, she could be indebted to him for life.


Momma Dee is still trying to get her son together with Shay, and the two conspire against Erica to get Shay back in Scrappy's good graces.  Shay is convinced that if Scrappy marries Erica, the relationship won't last a year.  Momma Dee wants to set up a "surprise" encounter between Scrappy and Shay, although Shay is in on the plan.

Traci goes to pick up Baby Drew from Drew's house.  Drew plans to cook dinner for the three of them, and he admits that while they may be dysfunctional at times, their relationship works for their son.  She agrees, but she wishes he wasn't touring so much.  Good news!  Drew wants to open a sneaker boutique in Atlanta, and all he needs is for Traci to invest $50,000 in the business.  Is that all?  While Traci would love for Drew to be around more, she doesn't want to spend her money if THAHAs are going to benefit from it.  I get the idea that someone isn't quite over her ex…

Scrappy goes to Erica's mom's house to try to prove he's a changed man.  She wonders if Scrappy will be able to remain faithful, and he compliments Erica's beauty and how it has no comparison.  He reminds Erica's mother that she's made mistakes as well.  She admits to being out of Erica's life for several years due to issues with addiction, but she's worked hard and she's changed.  BINGO!  Scrappy tells her that he's done the same, and the pair hug it out.


Over coffee, Joseline requests her contract from Stevie.  He refuses…it's not his fault that she signed it without reading it.  Stevie tells her that he basically owns her and it's all good.  Thankfully, Joseline doesn't put up with Stevie's crap as much as Mimi does, and she tells him that she'll start paying him the percentage she owes him for her hosting gigs when she gets a copy of her contract.  Stevie caves and promises to provide her with one, although she shouldn't hold her breath.

K. Michelle is helping Mimi look for apartments so that she can get out of Stevie's house.  She wants her friend to be independent, and she suggests that Mimi not tell Stevie in advance that she'll be moving.  K. Michelle jokes that Mimi should just take out one thing at a time so Stevie won't notice.

Momma Dee drops in on her son at the studio, and she apologizes for not being more supportive of him.  However, she doesn't like that Erica isn't making more of an attempt to have a relationship with her, and she thinks that Scrappy doesn't see the person Erica truly is.  She warns her son to keep one eye open so he's not once bitten twice shy.  Is she just confusing song lyrics now?  He's taken aback by his mother's cryptic advice, but he should be used to her brand of crazy by now.  As if on cue, a tearful Shay arrives to question how Scrappy handled their friendship/relationship by proposing to Erica.  Scrappy starts talking like a therapist (I know, right?!?) as he apologizes to Shay.  She'd hoped that this meeting would help her gain some closure, but he's being so sweet that she's falling back in love with him.  Shay tells him that she only wants the best for him before departing which seems to sadden the Scrapster.


Stevie heads over to Benzino's house, and it's quite possible that Benzino's head has grown even more since last week.  Benzino is tired of hearing Stevie whine about how hard things are with Mimi and Joseline, and he reminds his friend that he has a habit of coming in and out of people's lives.  When Stevie asks to crash at Benzino's house, he's quickly shut down.  Benzino tells Stevie he needs to stop running from situations that he created in the first place.  Perhaps Benzino's head is so big because it's full of stellar advice!

Taking his friend's advice, Stevie arrives back at his house with flowers for Mimi.  He apologizes for being gone for a few days, and Mimi tells him she is going to be moving out of the house.  The ever manipulative Stevie starts peeling the petals off the roses saying "she loves me, she loves me not" while Mimi tries to explain why it's not heatlhy for her to stay.  He basically threatens her by saying he always knows how to find her, and the production crew must hold him back as she calmly packs a suitcase and heads to the car.  He's creepy.

Next week, Joseline and Stevie get into it when she won't pay him his cut from her performance, and K. Michelle and Rasheeda Frost duke it out.  Scrappy is stuck between a rock and a hard place with his mom and Erica when the two almost come to blows.


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