Tamra Barney (the reality star now known as Tamra Judge) stopped by the clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live and while she was hanging out she cleared up the Malibu Country misunderstandings, talked about having babies with Eddie Judge and more. 

Andy started the show off rolling some of the tape from Gretchen Rossi's lunch with Alexis and asked Tamra if Gretchen has been overdoing the Botox because her face was so frozen.  Tamra added, "It was like no emotion at all and this used to be her best friend. I kinda felt bad for Alexis."

They dove right in to address the Malibu Country role (again!)  Tamra attempted to clear it up.  "I think the whole story wasn't told. I think that Gretchen did get a call for a part that was not the part that Heather got, clearly. And I think there were some Beverly Hills housewives, Alexis was called.  It was a role as an extra.  So what happened was as soon as Heather got a main role, that extra role was canceled.  But the thing is is that Gretchen kept up with "I got the role, I got the role" when there was no role to get. The role got shut down.  Heather shut it down. So then Gretchen lied about it and said she got it."


They moved on to chatting about Vicki having all that plastic surgery – just two weeks before production for this season started. During tonight's episode Andy realized that it was the one thing he forgot to bring up at the reunion, which filmed 10 days ago. Andy asked Tamra if she thinks that part of Vicki's motivation for surgery was Slade's negative comments about her looks.  Tamra believes it played a big part in it.  Tamra said Vicki looked fine before, but if it makes her happy, then she's happy for her.

While on the subject of the reunion, Andy asked Tamra to sum up the taping in her opinion.  She shared, 'Tragic. Epic. Probably the most intense. There was a lot of raw emotion and for once i wasn't in the hot seat." Also interesting to note is that none of the husbands or significant others attended the reunion except for Brooks.

Tamra and Eddie have only been married four weeks, but Tamra is talking babies..sort of.  She shared that since her tubes are tied, she and Eddie have talked about adopting a baby from Mexico, but she also doesn't want to be "that" mom who is picking up her kindergartner at 70.  And she shares that Eddie is happy with her kids.  "You know what he loves my kids, he's fulfilled and calls them our kids.  If he comes to me in the next year and says I would like to have my own we'll talk about it then."

On the after show a caller shared that she wished Tamra would pick a friend and stick with them (the caller wanted it to be Gretchen). Tamra explained why it seems like she flip flops.  "I don't put up with any bullshit. That's clearly who i am and if somebody's throwing me some shade, I don't put up with it.  I'm not saying I don't like Vicki and I don't like Gretchen, I like them both.  If somebody's gonna throw me something that I don't agree with I'm going to tell them how I feel."

After Tamra gushed about loving them both, Andy said that he feels like about halfway through the season Tamra started to turn on Gretchen. Tamra disagrees. "I never turned on Gretchen.  No.  I feel like she lied to me.  And I'm the type of person, if you lie to me, I'm going to turn the other cheek. I don't dislike Gretchen at all"  She shared that neither of the ladies tried to persuade her not to like the other.  "I'm a big girl, I go with how I feel  Do I like Gretchen? Yes, I think she's a lovely girl. I don't dislike Vicki.  We have our moments but Vicki's like my sister. "

Tamra's thought on Brooks and Vicki, "First of all, I want Vicki to be happy. I think there's a lot of people that don't necessarily think that Brooks is right for Vicki.  I think Vicki has so much to offer. I think she's an amazing woman, she's crazy, she's got everything in line, she's successful.  I just feel that maybe there's somebody better for her."


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