Poor Lisa Vanderpump is realizing that all her friends on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actually hate her. Oops! In this week's episode she foolishly tried to defend a drunk Brandi Glanville who was continuously insulting Joyce Giraud because she finds her annoying. 

I was disappointed that the normally classy Mrs. Vanderpump would ever try to defend the tragically unclassy Ms. Glanville – and apparently Lisa shares my disappointment! In her latest Bravo blog, Lisa admits this is the episode where the tide turned and she started realizing that wait – there's no friends here, only big bad biatches wanting to take me down with a hair flip and a smile! 

"Oh dear! That is all I want to say really! Could we just leave it at that?" Lisa begins. Don't we wish… Except we can't, unfortunately. 

Referring to Brandi, Lisa is shocked she chose to reveal so many sexual tidbits. Choking anyone? "I am not particularly interested in the two finger maneuver that will be explained in her book. After 31 years of marriage I probably have a few maneuvers of my own I could share," Lisa teases. 

But on a serious note, "It's hard to understand this constant need to shock. Her admission of indulging in cocaine, nudity, of being choked? Calling yourself a whore? What message does that send?"


And a warning, "One must remember that what we see will forever be documented. Provocative statements. Like you, I am witnessing for the first time, as obviously we have no knowledge of what has been shot. But with all that I have seen since, being called a bully by paparazzi in front of my children would rate pretty low on the totem pole." CO-SIGN! CO-SIGN! CO-SIGN!!!

And now onto Palm Springs. 

"When Brandi made an idiotic remark at the pool, I was incredulous and embarrassed for her. Remarks like that are irresponsible," Lisa acknowledges. "I do know she is not a racist, but I hope she cringes when she views it and learns to have a modicum of sense and sensitivity to other people's feelings."

"I tried to laugh it off, knowing a remark that was so provocative was downright rude to our hostess. It's particularly poignant this week, as we lay the iconic Nelson Mandela to rest — somebody who paved the way to eradicate ignorance like this."

Unfortunately that was just the tip of the iceberg where Brandi's rudeness towards Joyce was concerned. And Lisa also realized she had been fooled by Brandi. Let's continue! 

"At the dinner we see a great example of the indomitable force of Yolanda [Foster] and Brandi," Lisa continues. "Brandi incessantly calling Joyce 'Jacqueline.' It was fine as a joke once, but over and over again was taunting her. When the subject of bullying came up it was taking it to a darker place than we needed to go. Just call her Brenda in retaliation and shut her up." BWHAHAHA! Or how about "LeAnn"?

"I think it was obvious that Brandi was drunk and humor was the only way to diffuse it. But at some point when Yolanda kept on at Kyle [Richards], I urged Kyle to agree to disagree as there was no solution. It was six months ago and I was sick of hearing about it, and, to be honest, still didn't want to believe that Yolanda had been speaking of me so derogatorily."

Unfortunately Lisa is realizing that perhaps, for once, Kyle was right. Oh god – I feel dizzy. Imagine how Lisa feels! Too bad Kyle had been so duplicitous in the past of Lisa may have believed her! "Well this is where the tide turns. The slow realization that started to dawn on me, as I witnessed the nastiness that was transpiring in this group."

Lisa admits she made a serious error in judgment by trying to ignore Brandi's behavior"I believe I was wrong in not standing up to Brandi and her drunken rants against Joyce. Most of Brandi's barbs were, quite frankly, ridiculous."

"I don't think Joyce for one minute needs to worry about resembling 'a big fat pig!' It was a tenuous situation as I said, with Yolanda and Kyle once again disagreeing over whether she had spoken negatively behind my back — which you can decide as the viewer as we delve deeper into the relationships."

Finally Lisa is contrite that she dismissed Joyce as annoying in the first place. #HairFlipGate "Joyce at that point was not somebody I was particularly fond of. I felt she had endeavored to create a problem over HairGate but as I explained in an earlier blog, what she was doing was trying to enlighten me that my friends were less than loyal. . ."

"I chose to ignore her which was ultimately my downfall. Had I listened, I would've been more prepared for what was about to ensue in the upcoming weeks. I have since apologized to her, for sitting there and not coming to her defense."

"Finally, I will leave you to be the judge, to draw your own conclusions remembering we are only a quarter of the way there. . ."

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