Exclusive: Phaedra Parks Will Not Visit Apollo Nida In Prison!

phaedra parks speaks out - is hurt and betrayed by apollo nida

This weekend we received some information from a very credible source about the status of Phaedra Parks‘ marriage to Apollo Nida. Phaedra told our source that she has absolutely no plans to visit Apollo while he is incarcerated at FMC Lexington Prison in Kentucky. 

Apollo is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence, where he will also receive treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, meanwhile his Real Housewives Of Atlanta star wife prepares to go through with plans to file for divorce. Phaedra told our source, in an unofficial interview, that she is absolutely mortified by Apollo’s behavior, which she feels has hurt both her reputation and her legal career. 


Phaedra added that she is not speaking to Apollo currently, and when the boys talk to him on the phone she does not engage. As for plans to bring her sons to visit Apollo in prison, at this time she is considering letting her mother, Pastor Regina Bell, bring Ayden, who is 4, but not Dylan

Our source says Phaedra has not forgiven Apollo for his crimes or his selfish behavior, which destroyed their family. She is extremely angry and hurt that he has let their sons down. Furthermore, Phaedra is “heart-broken” by his treatment of their marriage because she truly did love him and had hope for him. As for Apollo spreading rumors to her cast mates and on RHOA that she cheated with a mysterious Mr. Chocolate, Phaedra, of course denied it, and said she was very hurt that he was blaming her and lashing out at her

Interestingly the source says Phaedra is also deeply embarrassed that Apollo misled her about Kenya Moore supposedly making advances towards him in LA, and that she is very disappointed by that situation as well. So hopefully that implies Phaedra and Kenya have reached some sort of resolution?

As for Apollo telling the media that he thinks there is a chance they can work things out, Phaedra completely denied that and said although she had once loved Apollo there was no chance of reconciliation and she is disgusted that after all he has put her and her sons through he would think that’s a possibility. Yikes.

Over all the source said Phaedra was just very wounded by the whole experience and she was still very emotional about how Apollo’s behavior has been affecting her life, the lives of her son, and the faith she put in her husband. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]