carole radziwill

After last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill headed over to the Watch What Happens Live studio to chat with Andy, alongside Alan Thicke.  Carole addressed her relationship with Adam, and vehemently denied Luann de Lesseps claims about his relationship status with Lu’s niece.

Andy tells Carole about Luann’s Tweets, claiming that her niece and Adam were still seeing each other and were even planning a trip together. “No, let me be clear.  The truth is they broke up over a year before I met Adam and the trip that she’s referring to is a trip to Nicaragua where he runs a nonprofit, a farm.  And they were going with a whole group of people. After they broke up they remained friends and are still very friendly to this day.”

Carole says she thought Luann was her friend, too. “I don’t know where all this hate is coming from.  I thought it would be a little bump that she was surprised I was dating someone she knew.”  Andy says Luann shared that it’s not appropriate to be dating someone in their twenties.  “Let me say hell will freeze over before I care what Luann thinks of my dating life.  Our philosophies are very different.  She likes variety – young, old, married, single – and I don’t roll that way.”  Luann Tweeted in response, “Our philosophies aren’t the only things that are different @CaroleRadziwill. I respect my friends.” 

Carole confirms that she is still seeing Adam.

Andy mentions that Carole Tweeted that Luann was writing her own Tweets.  “Yeah, you’ve known her over seven years, has she ever said anything remotely original or clever?”  Andy says “Yes, of course she has.” Carole says “she hired this guy Daniel and he’s very nice and Tweets for her.”

As the show goes on, Andy shares that Luann Tweeted again saying “that’s not true, Carole, that’s not true.”  Carole is adamant, “it’s true.  She’s (the niece) in another relationship with a man that she’s still involved with.” 

A caller asks Carole about her initial take on Bethenny Frankel and was she surprised that they became friends?  “When I first heard she was going to come on the show I thought ‘oh good’ because she’s so funny and everyone told me how funny she was and I thought we could be funny together.  She wasn’t funny, she’s funny, but she’s very intense.  And that sort of surprised me.  So, it took a little while to warm up.  She’s very guarded, but I’m pretty guarded, too.  We do warm up and I did have a sex dream about her, so we really warmed up.” Carole says they’ve become buddies and that they hang out and even live in the same neighborhood. Carole is glad Bethenny’s back on the show.  “She’s provocative enough but not mean and dark. I think she’s great.” 

Luann kept up her Tweeting throughout the show and then finally shared, “A phone call to @BravoWWHL wasn’t enough apparently. I’ll be there next Tuesday night! Thanks @Andy XOXO.”

The poll question tonight asked if viewers thought Bethenny could “fix” Sonja.  86% said no.



Photo Credit: Twitter