Mike Shouhed

Season 5 of Shahs of Sunset must be right around the corner, because Mike Shouhed is attention seeking breaking his silence on his divorce from Jessica Parido, his “I’m Going To Be A Wife!” of a whopping eight months.

Mike told Page Six that he is trying to stay “super busy,” adding, “This divorce was very hard on me – emotionally, physically, mentally. I spent many, many days, that turned into weeks and months, staying at home, reflecting on my life, and focusing on myself. A lot of thinking, reading, meditating, yoga.”


Mike added that it’s been hard to see Jessica move on – quickly and publicly – with Karlen Shubaralyan.

“It’s been very hard on me to watch Jessica move on and find a new boyfriend and really publicly announce that she’s moved on,” bemoaned Mike. “I feel that she did all those things because she was hurt and she wanted to hurt me.

Mike continued, “I go on dates… and what would I do? I talk about my ex-wife. I let women know I’m talking to them [but] right now I’m not available emotionally. I want someone who can stimulate me mentally and emotionally. I can hopefully move on soon, but right now I’m not there yet, because I’m still kind of mourning the death of my last relationship.”


For now, Mike‘s attention is on his new fashion line, True Gold. Mike told Page Six that his friends call him the Persian Kanye West. Um, err, are Mike’s friends trolling him? Surely that’s not meant to be a compliment!

“I’m really following my passion,” said Mike. Huh? I thought real estate was his passion? Or his Mary Kay Nerium business? “I’m not a designer, I’m just a guy who has some vision and wanted to bring something really dope to the fashion world.”

Apparently, Kanye is one of Mike‘s idols, so he does take the comparison as a compliment. “Kanye is one of my idols,” he admitted. “Some people may not like him, I love the guy.”

“I think it’s really f–king awesome that he’s out there and he voices his opinion,” added Mike. “And he grabbed Kim [Kardashian], and he’s like I don’t give a f—k what anyone thinks of her. This is the woman I wanna be with. He’s treating her like gold. I take a page out of his book where he doesn’t let the rest of the world influence him on what he needs to do. He just does what he wants. I have decided with my next relationship that’s exactly how I’m going to be.”

Treating her like gold, making her look like a fool. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Jessica‘s response to Mike‘s interview:

Jessica Parido

“So much I could say but instead I’ll just post a selfie,” said Jessica.

Mike declined to comment on the fact that Karlen, last week, was charged with forcible rape, burglary, violating a restraining order, three counts of criminal threats, two counts of dissuading a witness from reporting crimes to authorities, and two counts of injuring a spouseKarlen and his ex-wife Taline Bilamjian were divorced early 2014. Jessica really knows how to pick ’em, huh?


Photo Credit: Brian Gove/WireImage/Getty Images and Instagram