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Lilly Ghalichi has been missed on Shahs of Sunset, but she’s moved on to bigger and better things.  This week she sat down with her close friend Nik Richie to talk babies, business, and boobs (in the form of silicone, former co-stars and former loves). 

Lilly opened up for the first time on what happened with Dhar Mann, the one-time fiance she was jet setting around the world with. Lilly admits she was duped big time.  Nik says he tried to warn Lilly many times that this guy was shady and she readily admits that she fell for the scam hook, line and sinker. “I’m not that great of a judge of people, even though I’m an attorney and am supposed to be an excellent judge of character, I see the best in everyone. I’m so naive.” 

Lilly says that Dhar made friends with a bunch of her friends and schmoozed them in order to get the chance to meet her.  “He bought one a pair of shoes, bought the other one a camera, things like that.” He told them he could really help Lilly because he claimed to do affiliate internet marketing and that he could help blow her businesses up. Nik mentions again that he thought it was going too fast – they met and two minutes later were making love in the Maldives and says it was gross. 

Lilly admits it was too much, too fast, but says any girl in her position would’ve done the same thing. “This guy was so sweet, so charming. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods. It was the most romantic whirlwind.”

Jet Set Lies

Lilly clears up the misconception that Dhar bought her lavish gifts.  She says during the year they were engaged she only got one present and it was a Chanel bag, which she tried to return when they broke up. She says other than that bag, she pays for her entire life, her own bills, her own things, etc. He did “give” her a car for her birthday but it was a lease and she drove it maybe twice. She said the way it was given to her was very unauthentic. In the middle of her birthday dinner, he asked everyone to come outside and he had called paparazzi to the location so they’d catch the ‘gift’ giving on film. Lilly says her previous fiance had given her multiple cars and never did something like this to present it to her.  

Nik says that Lilly was texting him just a few weeks in and declaring she was in love and Dhar was the one. And she introduced him to all of her friends right away. She says he had an unhealthy obsession with Instagram and fame, but she had just come out of a relationship where she had been cheated on and the guy did drugs and lied to her, so Dhar was so romantic and it was what she needed then. But he was totally obsessed with Instagram and Lilly was tired of him making her take photos of everything and he would have the captions ready to go in his notes and she wasn’t getting to enjoy the moment anymore.  Her final straw was some crazy story he made up about his fake followers actually being real followers who found him through an inspirational thing he posted on Instagram and it went viral but it wasn’t true. 

She says that very shortly after they started dating, he had no money – living on her couch broke. And after they broke up the only women he’d follow on Instagram had over a million followers and he’s now dating one of them.

“I truly did get scammed 100%”  She later tells the story of how he proposed and it will weird you out.  Take a listen to the podcast for the full interview

Shahs of Sunset

Nik says Lilly was famous before the show and that doing the show put her in this weird bubble with people who aren’t really famous. Nik says she had legit businesses and was making money before the show so he didn’t get why she agreed to do it when it doesn’t pay very much.


Nik then mentions that it was portrayed like Lilly got fired and she says that part was not true at all. Her lawyer emailed and showed them the statement they were going to release online and Bravo asked them to please wait and to let them share the information on They did want the news out there just then. She said, “in the meantime MJ and everyone else is going on TMZ and talking about how I got fired, so Bravo put out the statement that it was my choice to leave the show.”

Lilly says “I think the difference between them and me is that I have a real life outside the show and real responsibilities and businesses, versus they have the show. So, they take the show so seriously and they’re willing to throw you under the bus, lie, kill do whatever they have to do for ratings and I wasn’t, so that’s the difference between us.”


Lilly tried to get producers to bring Nik on the show so she had someone to film with because they wanted her to stay and that was going to be her condition to stay. She technically quit right after her birthday party, right in the beginning of the season and the only reason she agreed to come back and finish the season is because they promised her she could film alone and not have to interact with the rest of the cast anymore.

She says she’s been offered her own show many times and she got very close to doing one but she says that she decided against it because she truly wants to be a regular family person, get married and have kids and that’s just not what you do in “real life.”

Nik thinks it’d be fun to watch Lilly because she’s always flying to new countries and trying to find love. Lilly interjects, “yeah, but I never find it!”

Nik vents that he saw Mike Shouhed in Vegas after the rumors started circulating about a possible divorce from Jessica Parido and Nik told him he could try to help – put out statements, try to help neutralize the situation, but Mike lied to him and told him that it wasn’t true and things were fine with Jessica – when clearly they weren’t. And then the next day Jessica filed for divorce. So, Nik texted him and Mike just kept saying “just watch the show, watch the show.” Nik told Mike the relationship was fake and made just for the show.  Nik feels bad for the people who went to the wedding and got played (he was invited but didn’t go).  

Lilly does believe that it was fake on Mike’s part but thinks that Jessica really did love him.  “She became Jewish for him, she became Persian for him. She learned to cook for him, she was everything for him.”

Then Nik says that Mike tried to spin it and claimed that Jessica was cheating on him! He claimed that Jessica was talking to the guy she’s dating now through their whole marriage. And that he didn’t want to put it out there and talk trash about her. Lilly is outraged, declaring that she doesn’t believe it for one second. “I’ve never seen him cheat, so I’m not going to call him a cheater.” But then she says that Jessica told her that she finally left Mike because she had indisputable proof that he cheated. Lilly says that Mike kept lying and denying that they were separated and having issues, but Jessica was up front with her about it and said they’d been apart for months before she started dating the new guy. 

Lilly says she would never be able to be as successful as she is in her other businesses if she was still shooting the show because of the months of shooting and the time suck of doing that plus press, etc. 

They then talk salary. Lilly says the original cast is at $20K to 25K per episode (which isn’t a ton, but I swear the Vanderpump Rules cast better be making at least that much, too!). 

Persian Barbie

They move on to the subject of plastic surgery.  Lilly says her implants used to be 700cc, which is too big for her teeny 90 pound frame.  She’s getting ready to downsize again.  She’s currently at a D and wants to go to a small C.  She then says the only actual surgeries she’s ever had done is her nose and her breast augmentations. 

Lilly is 32 and desperately wants a baby, but hasn’t frozen any of her eggs yet, Nik says she should.  Lilly’s brother, a doctor, says she should freeze them by 34.  Lilly doesn’t want to get married, so she’s okay with just being with someone without the piece of paper. 


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