If you watch Southern Charm, you know how addicting it is and the main reason that I tune in every Monday night is to see what Thomas Ravenel is up to. At first, I didn’t really get why he was on this show because he seems like a pretty random person to be in this friend group and the show’s cast, but after I watched the first episode, one thing was so clear to me: Thomas makes this show.

Sure, the other cast members are great, but Thomas is the one who really makes Southern Charm as a outrageous as it is. We have his life to thank for all the twists and turns and that is why I believe that he is the one that people should credit with the show’s success. In fact, I think that T-Rav is the best cast member on Southern Charm and came up with eight reasons to back up my opinion.


I’m not saying that Thomas is the best person on the planet, but he is definitely bringing the most to this series. And in all honesty, most of my points about him being the cast member are not even compliments. A great person does not necessarily make a great reality star and Thomas has struck a perfect balance.


These are the reasons why Thomas really is the most valuable cast member.




[Photo Credits: Bravo]

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