NeNe Leakes Poses In A Bikini; Shares Diet And Weight Loss Tips; Talks RHOA Season 9

NeNe Leakes has taken Sheree Whitfield‘s advice to fix that body! After working hard to get in shape, NeNe posted some revealing bikini pics for us all to enjoy. NeNe also shared her weight loss journey. Cause on Bravo – you ain’t nobody if you ain’t got no journey!

NeNe credited her busy schedule and her lack of portion control for her weight gain, adding, “Well, you know, I’m a funny eater.” 


“My biggest problem has always been and will always be that I work all day and forget to eat and then I eat late at night with some cocktails,” NeNe told E!.  

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star’s advice for weight loss is to know your weaknesses and watch that plate overload. “Having to deprive myself of anything is a no-no for a girl like me!” preached NeNe. “It’s all about being mindful about what we eat and PORTION CONTROL. That’s the key…because hunni, we like to eat!”

Also, according to NeNe the camera really does add 10 lbs, “A lot of people when I meet them, they say, ‘I thought you were this big woman.’ I’m, like, ‘I’m curvy, honey, but I am not real big.'” 

NeNe Leakes bathing suit

“Smooth sailing on the boat yesterday in Miami with my hubby for Mother’s Day! Thanks to my girlie @charliesangelll for this hot number I’m wearing! I even caught an ole nasty tan.” [Credit: Instagram]

NeNe Leakes bikini

“Bye Beach! It’s always great to come relax, grab an ole nasty tan and get my entire life! Hello GREENVILLE SC. Let’s turn allllllllllll the way up TONIGHT.” [Credit: Instagram]

So, NeNe has shed the weight, but has she shed her Housewives title? Right… NeNe quitting RHOA is like Kenya Moore telling the truth, aka when wigs grow wings and fly.

Yet again, NeNe is pretending she “doesn’t know” if she’ll be back for the 9th season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, which is supposed to start filming soon. 

“I don’t know if I’m gonna be there full-time for season 9,” admitted NeNe, “but I always like to say to people that Bravo and the Housewives helped launch my career, so I will always be loyal to them and be there in some capacity.” 

NeNe also spilled some insider info on the trauma that is a Real Housewives reunion. 

“People don’t understand our call-time is like 7am and we’re there until, like, 2 in the morning. It’s a lot of pressure because you have to sit in front of the person that you actually talked about, OK, and they sit us real close to each other!” NeNe revealed that they bring each Housewife out on the stage “one-by-one” and sit them down “all dramatically” to help spur the drama, plus during the reunion they replay the confessionals. “So, it’s not like you can really lie, and like I didn’t really say that!” she laughed. 

“All the drama is very real,” NeNe explained to FabLife. “Some of the girls when the cameras come on it’s like their wigs totally squeezed their brains because they change! They can just be sitting there talking to you normal, and then the cameras come on and it’s like, girl, did somebody put a battery in your back?!'”

“It’s very difficult,” NeNe continued. “I’ve always been there, I’ve never not been there.” Referring to Real Housewives Of Atlanta as “my baby,”  NeNe admitted she was excited to be included in the reunion. “I was feeling some kinda way – like am I  really watching my baby on the TV screen and I’m not there? Let me get my clothes on!” 

“I had to go,” she insisted. “I have been doing this show since the day we ever rolled a camera and had one little van and one little camera. It’s my dysfunctional family.” 

Oh, and just in case you can’t get enough of #LifeOfLeakes, NeNe’s one-woman comedy show is touring and her ABC gameshow To The The Truth hits airwaves this summer. 


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]