I don’t know if it was just my mood or what, but tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live was the funnest and funniest in a long time! Andy’s guests were Luann de Lesseps and Housewives Superfan Michael Rapaport (yes, that’s his official title now) and they were hilarious together. Both of them were there to have fun and not be too serious and it was a good time.

Andy starts off the night by bringing up Luann’s surprise birthday party last night – which Ramona Singer was uninvited to! Ramona took to Snapchat to vent about it and Andy played the video for her. Ramona says that Lu’s fiance called her at the last minute and “dis-invited” her because of rain and Ramona says there’s no rain in HER apartment and it’s big enough for a party.  Luann laughs at the video.

Andy asks why Ramona’s invite was taken back. Luann says it was a surprise party, so she had nothing to do with the invites. She sort of mentions the rain as a reason but then stumbles on a few explanations as Michael gives her shit for double talking and side talking her way out of it. She finally fesses up that John and Dorinda were coming and she thinks it wasn’t a good night for “that mix.”

Luann shares her friendship status with each co-star:

Sonja – everything’s good there

Jules – “Jules and I are fine.”

Carole – “We are in a much better place”

Ramona – “Ramona and I were cool until I saw the episode. She tried to keep this crazy stalker at the party and she encouraged him and that was not cool.”

Bethenny – “Bethenny and I are up and down.”

Dorinda – “Dorinda and I are great friends.”

Andy plays the clip of Bethenny being firm with Sonja at her Skinnygirl office.  He asks Luann’s opinion on the situation. “I feel like Sonja is trying to make ends meet, trying MANY things as we all know. She’s got many things going on. I totally think she should’ve spoken to Bethenny first, at least mentioned it, not just put it out there without even speaking to her.”

Michael chimes in and suggest that Sonja and Ramona need to be hooked up to some sort of brain wave analyzing machines to see what exactly goes on in their minds because they are so far out.  Michael jokes that Sonja is coming for Luann next with “Countessless pocketbooks.”

Luann tries to explain her Rey situation. She says they met in Ibiza and just had a few dates, he was never actually her “boyfriend.”

Andy wants Michael’s take on some of the RHONY situations. He pulls up Dorinda first and Michael says “first of all, I want to say that Dorinda could be interchangeable with the Jersey Housewives – any time you need to fill her in. Her hand gestures! They come from wild angles. Her angles are unpredictable, I’m going to use them!”

He then asks Michael’s thoughts on Carole and Luann deciding not to be friends, “sad, it made me sad.”  On John and Bethenny’s Skinny Cow argument, “I want to offer John a self defense class in the summer for $99.99. When he meets up with Bethenny he needs to be able to talk trash better. I think I can help him because he’s a bull in a china shop. Her footwork alone, he’s outmatched.” On Jules’ Hampton house, “I would be concerned about her Hamptons house as an investment. That place looks like a mess.” On Luann regifting Ramona’s birthday present, “For a Countess, that wasn’t very Countess-like.”  What does he think about Carole and Adam? “I think Carole and Adam are cute, but when Carole got a watermelon radish hand wrap and didn’t thank him. Like if he had handed me a watermelon radish wrap, he would’ve got lucky with me. She acted like that was a wet bag of potato chips.”

Andy remarks that Michael likes John on the show. “I think John brings an Indie straight to video gangster movie quality to the show. ” He says that John is a complete mess and he had his chance to shine tonight by asking Rey to go, but he put his hand in Ramona’s face and you can’t do that to anybody.

Luann says that Ramona encouraged Rey to stay. And it was not cool. She say John tried to get rid of him but Ramona was all “no, come talk to me.”

Luann shared that her kids like her fiance Tom. “When they see their mother happy, they’re happy. They love Tom.”

At the end of the show Bethenny Tweeted Andy and said “Hey, Andy, The Spinners called, they want their suit back.” (He was wearing an all cream ensemble – with matching tie – we’ll look for a pic)


On the After Show someone asks Luann if she thinks she’s a good influence on Sonja. She says that she absolutely is because she looks out for Sonja. Like if the “Tipsy Girl” comes out, Luann makes sure that Sonja gets home safely, etc. whereas Miss Turtle Time does her own thing at the end of the night…

A caller asks Luann and Michael what their all time favorite Housewives moment has been. For Luann it was singing with Natalie Cole. Michael chooses the brawl at the retreat between Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga. (That truly was an epic Housewives moment – especially with the spray-on hair getting everywhere!!!)

And we need to give a shoutout to Bobby G from the Bronx for being the best caller.

Poll question was ‘whose side are you on: Bethenny or Sonja’? – 54% said Bethenny. 


Photo Credit: Twitter