Kathryn Dennis has been the star of Southern Charm since it debuted three years ago, much to the chagrin of a few of her co-stars. Today she took a few minutes to chat with Amy Phillips on her Reality Checked radio show about everything from how she was cast on the show (and wound up the center of most storylines) to what really went down between her and Whitney Sudler-Smith and what her current status is with Thomas Ravenel.

Amy started off by asking Kathryn the question that the “haters” ask the most: why she needs Thomas to support her when she comes from a wealthy family. Kathryn shared, “He needs to support me because we have two children together. Not only that, I put my whole life on hold when I met him. I left college, I was three years in at USC. He told me we were going to have children and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and then he totally off the grid. He hasn’t called me, helped our kids, seen our kids in months. He hasn’t given me money, so that’s why I am asking for his help and support.”

On how Kathryn got on the show, “I was working in politics in college and one of the bloggers that covered the sizzle reel about Southern Charm knew Thomas and had reached out to me because he’d written a few stories about me and he asked ‘there’s this show coming out and it sounds like you, are you on it?’ and he told me to get in touch with his friend Thomas because he thinks I’d be really great on TV and that’s how I met Thomas.” She says she then did a Skype interview with Whitney and another producer and then she met a few of them when they came to town and then everything snowballed from there.

Kathryn says she didn’t know anyone at all before the show started filming. “I was so nervous going into that pool party and left knowing everyone.” She says it was Whitney’s pool party but she went alone  and then she did later attend another pool party with Whitney at Jenna’s house.  (the one where she went with Whitney but left with Thomas)

Was it love at first sight with Thomas? She’s not sure. “I don’t know. I think it was that I saw stability in him. He seemed like this business man who was strong and everything I wasn’t out of college – I was kind of a Landon back then.”  She says she didn’t know of Thomas beforehand – she knew of the Ravenel bridge and then general name was familiar but, “I didn’t know Thomas was a playboy and infamously known.”


How does her past with Whitney and the fact that he’s a producer affect her job on the show? “It’s definitely put a lot of stress on the situation between he and I because he feels like this is HIS show, kind of. He created this whole idea and I came in and corrupted it, so it definitely made it awkward. It seems like he’s more bothered by it than I am. I don’t know, I can see them and film with them and I’m perfectly fine. I don’t LIKE them, but I’ll live.”

What did Whitney want the show to be if he thinks Kathryn corrupted it? “I think he wanted some Downton Abbey proper type of something, but he doesn’t realize this is not a documentary, it’s reality. He wants to control every little detail.” She adds, “I think he wanted it to be drama-filled but he wanted it like Thomas was going to be the Playboy type and dating around the first season and I kind of came in and took his wing man away from him. And he’s butt hurt about that.”

Does she think Whitney was in love with her? “He was definitely saying things that would allude to that idea, yeah. But I think it was just a guy trying to woo me and say all the right things. ‘I could see myself marrying you, you’re such a great girl, you shouldn’t be with Thomas’.  He is completely lying when he says it was nothing more than a one night stand, a moment of weakness. No, he pursued me for quite a while.”

She says Whitney was messaging her wanting to hang out (before the show even started) and take her shopping and give her a makeover. She then went shopping with him and a friend of hers for shoes for Patricia and said he’d bring her back to the fancy shoe store when they were alone. She says he wanted to buy her a lot of stuff but didn’t want her friend to see it.

It doesn’t make Kathryn mad that Whitney is denying these things on the show. “I know the truth and he knows the truth. He’s the only one who looks like an idiot when I watch that stuff.”

What made Kathryn decide to stop hiding the Whitney stuff after three seasons? She says that she decided to be a little more forthcoming about it and not protect Whitney anymore. “I didn’t like Whitney trying to turn Thomas and I against each other based on a lie. Especially when I could easily come clean.”

On Thomas Tweeting and deleting random things about her, she thinks he gets drunk and confused about what he Tweeted.


On JD wanting Thomas to get a paternity test, Kathryn says they had already determined paternity when she was 8 weeks along. “There’s some type of new science – we had the tests sent off to a lab in Delaware and they gave us the results early.”  She says Thomas knew already when they were shooting that scene that he was the dad. “I was like, really?, he’s going to put another smear on our son’s life already?”

Are they speaking now? “We don’t communicate at all. He hasn’t seen the kids since February. We have no relationship.”




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