Marie Reyes Thinks That Tiffany Hendra Is “The Biggest. Fake. Ever.”

What is up with Marie Reyes on Real Housewives of Dallas? On one hand, I feel so bad for her since she is stuck in that weird cluster of manipulative friendship with LeeAnne Locken and her sidekick Tiffany Hendra. But on the other hand, I feel like she gets off on having the camera time. And she would not be getting any attention if it wasn’t for her twisted friendship with LeeAnne. She is not even a full time cast member on the show.

Nevertheless, I really do enjoy watching her shamelessly throw Tiffany and LeeAnne under the bus just because it’s so desperate and entertaining. It is so obvious that she just wishes she was a real part of the cast and that she thinks she can achieve that by turning on LeeAnne and befriending the other girls. Plus it seems like she was weirdly jealous of Tiffany’s higher level of supremacy in LeeAnne’s list of followers.


Like I said before, it is really clear that Marie wishes she was a Housewife. She is so green for screen time that I am vicariously embarrassed for her. Not only that, but she also wrote a short novel for her Bravo blog entry about the finale. She is BARELY a part of the show. She is just one other person who has been victimized by LeeAnne, so even if all of her scenes were cut out, it really wouldn’t matter. Well, except for the fact that she orchestrated all the shit-related drama with her supposed good friend LeeAnne.

It was honestly way too much to read for someone who is barely a cast member, but luckily for you, I did read that whole mess and dissected all of the good parts for you. And most of  that includes Marie’s vendetta against Tiffany.

I have no idea why Marie just refuses to blame LeeAnne for LeeAnne treating her poorly, but she insists that it’s Tiffany’s fault: “Most people by now should be able to recognize that all of LeeAnne’s hurt and anger runs right back through to Tiffany’s actions. I’m not sure how Tiffany looks herself in the mirror with her mean girl actions, which don’t align with the dumb Tiff-irmations she posts all over social media.” 

And then I felt like Marie used Brandi Redmond as the vessel to share her own feelings when she continued to quote her throughout the blog: “Brandi was very direct when she said, ‘Tiffany doesn’t like Marie and there is more to their relationship than all of us know, they dangle stuff over each other.’ So I guess Tiffany only pretended to be my friend. And  was right when she said, ‘the relationship between LeeAnne, Tiffany, and me was the most unhealthy thing she’s ever sat back and witnessed.’ Even so, and especially because at that point, I didn’t know Tiffany was telling people she didn’t like me.”

Marie also explained that she feels like Tiffany is a hypocrite when she wrote, “Just watch RHOD and the fact that her words don’t align with her actions is obvious.” Umm, look in the mirror Marie: pot, meet kettle.

Marie continued to blame Tiffany for LeeAnne going bat shit crazy. That makes no sense to me. Sure it’s possible that Tiffany could have riled her up, but it’s not as if she’s a puppet master. Well, at least that’s what I think. I feel like Marie just has all these conspiracy theories because she really wants to be LeeAnne’s BFF. 

But anyway, Marie continued to hate on Tiffany when she wrote, “All those times LeeAnne got angry and lost it during the season, lead back to Tiffany and her “friendship.” Could all those scenarios just be classic misdirection? If one carefully weighed what I’ve been saying and compared that with what one saw from Tiffany last year, one might agree that I’ve not been attacking LeeAnne, I’ve attacked some of her words and some of her behavior, but I have not attacked LeeAnne. Tiffany, that’s a different story.” As much as I really don’t like LeeAnne, Marie is a shady ass bitch. I’m just keeping it real. She is opportunistic and used that story about LeeAnne having an accident to give herself a story line. She embarrassed LeeAnne for selfish reasons and she should be ashamed of her blatant attention seeking.

Get ready to laugh at this diss Marie hurled at Tiffany: “I find her to be the Biggest. Fake. Ever. The sooner she packs up her apartment and flees to Houston (her real hometown) the better.” Is it really that embarrassing to be from a different hometown in the same state? Most of the Housewives in the other shows are not actually “from” the cities that they claim in the shows’ titles.

Marie needs to find some other way to get screen time because I am just over her trying to bring down Tiffany and then hate on LeeAnne while she simultaneously worships her. It’s too much for me.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]