Phaedra Parks’ Law Office Receives A Bomb Threat From Former Client!

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 11206 -- Pictured: Phaedra Parks -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Wowie! Wowie! While Phaedra Parks has been rubbing elbows at the Democratic National Convention, a disgruntled former client named, ironically, Drama, showed up at her Buckhead, GA, law office claiming he had a bomb! 

Yesterday, Drama, real name Terrence Cook, arrived at the building where he believed Phaedra’s office was located and announced, “I’m not leaving. I’ve got a bomb.” He was carrying a FedEx envelope and a book. He said he was “tired of being treated wrong” by the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star and had the bomb strapped to his leg. The police were immediately notified. Luckily, it was only a threat, and after an evacuation and thorough sweep of the premises no bomb was found.


Atlanta Constitution Journal reports that Cook is currently in the Fulton County Jail on charges of terroristic threats and creating a false public alarm – Phaedra will not be representing him

Unfortunately, Drama’s threat definitely fell on deaf ears because not only did he get Phaedra’s office location wrong and went into the incorrect building – The Parks Group is actually down the street on the same block – but Phaedra is in Philadelphia presently, which Drama would have known if he checked her Instagram. 

A source told TMZ that way back Phaedra was Drama’s manager and entertainment attorney. In 1999, he had the hit “Left, Right”, but then his career plateaued. In 2003, he stood trial for Armed Robbery and Phaedra was removed as his counsel (why is not specified – but very likely because she doesn’t practice criminal law and only repped him until he got an appropriate lawyer). He ended up serving 12 years in prison. 

Apparently, he’s gone a bit cuckoo. After Drama was released in 2015, he bragged to friends and family that he was in Miami to film with Phaedra for an episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta in an effort to resuscitate his rap career. (The cast filmed there last season – recall the Glen Rice Jr. mess?). Oddly while he was in Miami, Drama was seriously injured in a skydiving accident and has been recovering ever since. 

The source says Drama blames Phaedra for his prison sentence, his failed rap career, along with the injury and was seeking revenge with the bomb threat. 

However, a rep for Bravo told TMZ, Drama was never invited to shoot a RHOA episode, and any trip he took to Miami was not associated with the show! 

Very odd story. VERY. I’m curious to see if this episode will make it onto the upcoming season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, which is currently filming. And what Phaedra’s response will be – if any. You can see photos of Terrence Cook, aka Drama over on TMZ. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]