Melissa returns to the kitchen where she belongs

Melissa Gorga has been struggling all season to find a way to keep her family and her business endeavors in balance. She shares in her latest blog that they’re still in a work in progress.

She starts off, “Watching these last two episodes you really get to see the struggle Joe and I have been going through balancing both work and family life. Our babies are now all in school and are growing up so fast.”

On the father/daughter dance, Melissa says it was one of her favorite moments of the season and added, “It is really important for Joe and I to be there for special moments like these and to raise well-rounded, thoughtful and caring children. We are so proud of Antonia and the young woman she is becoming. I live for these moments.”


On Joe’s back and forth between being a supportive hubby and a grumbling Neanderthal, “On top of school starting, I am also navigating running my own business and working with a partner while managing our home, and as you can see Joe has been very vocal about his feelings. It truly is a double-edged sword. Joe is so supportive (he built Envy!), but he is also very traditional and set in his ways. He wants me to be successful and follow my passion for wanting to own my business yet gets frustrated when I am at the store instead of home cooking dinner, and honestly it has just been a HUGE change for all of us.  The first year of getting a business off the ground requires A LOT of time and that’s what was causing friction between Joe and I, because I couldn’t get everything done while the kids were in school and needed his help.”

She adds, “To Joe, family is everything and I absolutely love that about him. It is the core piece to leading a fulfilling and happy life, and I really have been feeling the pressure to do my best at both jobs. I have been a full-time mom and now with the kids away most of the day at school, I need to do something for myself that I can own and be proud of.”

Melissa and Joe are still trying to find a happy medium in the work/home balance, but she says their strong marriage will see them through. “Joe and I are still figuring out this new daily routine. At the end of the day, I just to want to feel the same sense of achievement he does. His resistance in accepting this new normal had just added to the confusion I had been feeling, which is what you saw on the last episode. I think what makes our marriage so strong is that we are able to communicate and listen to each other. I really heard him when he said he needed that family time again, which is why I think the dinner we had was such a healing moment in this episode.”

And if you’ve been thinking that so far things have been pretty boring on RHONJ, Melissa promises that is coming to an end. She concluded her blog with: “The rest of the season is going to be explosive.”


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