Lisa Rinna Feels Like Dorit And PK Kemsley Grilled Her At Dinner; Resents Being Told How To Grieve

Lisa Rinna Believes There Was An Ulterior Motive To Expose Erika Girardi; Appalled By Dorit Kemsley’s Husband

This week’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills left me wondering how Erika Girardi has never heard of a snatch guard. #BetterCallLuann It left Lisa Rinna wondering if there was a nefarious scheme to expose Erika. Pun intended.

Lipsa wasn’t present for Panty Gate, or should I say ‘Oops I forgot my panties gate,’ because she was in NYC pimpmomagering Delilah’s modeling career and advising Kyle Richards on what not to wear (I wish!).


“NYC with Kyle and our daughters was so much fun,” says Lipsa. “We always have such a good time together and now adding our daughters, who are hilarious in my opinion, into the mix adds such a fun, innocent dynamic for us. Talking and laughing about dating apps (I still have no idea how much it costs!), their time alone in NYC, and everything else was a blast. I can safely say that everyone had a fab time and arrived home happy and in one piece.”

Yes – the two teenagers she left unaccompanied in New York City survived unscathed. Although, considering they’ve spent a lifetime in the care of Lipsa, perhaps they were safer out of her sight in the wilds of NYC.

Another positive: Apparently Lipsa didn’t destroy Delilah’s modeling career or self-esteem by revealing the dastardly secret of her misshapen head. “Look, Delilah knows her mother quite well,” she insists, “and knows that a little humor and self deprecation go a long way in life. *wink*”

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Moving onto sadder subjects, Lipsa dedicates a portion of her blog to praising Eileen Davidson‘s handling of family trauma. “I cried while I watched her at her mother’s home and again during her counseling session, but I also felt a certain sense of pride and relief as we watched her really come to terms with how the grief was affecting her,” writes Lipsa. “She’s such a strong woman with great moral character, and it makes me proud to be her friend.”

About the case of Erika’s missing panties, Lisa shares, “Here is where things get interesting for me. Since I was still in Pennsylvania for the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC, I wasn’t able to attend the White Party at Pump. So, what this means is I am seeing what went down at their pre-gathering for the first time along with you. As you see in the upcoming previews, Eileen and I are filled in by Dorit [Kemsley] next week, but I am literally seeing what actually went down right along with you.”

“What I see is Erika, looking GORGE, sitting like a lady with a napkin over her lap. What I also see is others in the group antagonizing Erika. But, why? Why did a few in this group find it necessary to not only reach under Erika’s napkin but to also start questioning and making assumptions about her character? I have my suspicions.”

So, once again, Lipsa is suggesting that Lisa Vanderpump is manipulating and setting someone up!? Really?! Again?!

I personally think Lisa Vanderpump was being cheeky with Erika in fun while trying to embarrass Kyle in bringing up her panty mishap. I don’t even think LVP realized Erika wasn’t wearing underwear until Erika mentioned it! And why Erika would answer LVP’s question announcing that fact was strange. I would have deployed some of LVP’s ‘British humor’ by making a joke like ‘let me check in my purse for those granny panties you lent me last week’ or some crack. Instead, Erika volunteered the information, thus inadvertently making people want to look up her skirt.

Am I too naive and nice? Maybe. But if I have to hear about Erika’s underpants or lack thereof for the rest of the season I’m gonna start panty bombing WWHL in revolt.

Anyway, Lipsa isn’t done with her critique. She’s appalled by how Dorit and PK reacted. “Watching PK and Dorit in their kitchen the next day, continuing the conversation about Erika and her outfit while having lunch with their two-year-old son, Jagger, was rather shocking to me,” lectures Lisa. “Again, I ask WHY? This is someone’s WIFE and MOTHER that they’re talking about.”

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Erika rolls around on TV in a g-string and considers the word c-u-next-tuesday a compliment. Does one beget the other, I don’t know, but I shouldn’t think she would be morally offended, although PK’s comments were absolutely inappropriate.

“Dare we play devil’s advocate and ask PK how he’d feel if he heard another man speak of his own wife this way?” asks Lipsa. “To hear another man say, ‘he didn’t mind the view’ while speaking of her ‘bits’ seems as if it may not be taken too lightly by Mr. Kemsley. To me, this is so not okay, and all I really want to know is why Erika is such a big topic for Dorit and PK so early into meeting her. I guess we’ll wait and see how this one plays out.”

I think it’s fine that PK copped to peeking after Erika’s reveal, but discussing the ins and outs (pun intended!) of what was going on under her skirt? Uncalled for. I don’t even think Erika’s skirt was that short, nor do I think it was really possible to see her “hooha” as Dorit called it. We’ll see indeed.


[Photo Credit: Richie Knapp/Bravo]