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To be honest, I’m a little thrown off by James Kennedy still being a cast member on Vanderpump Rules since he has been alienated by most of the cast. Still, he does have some really scandalous story lines this season and it all revolves around (allegations of) cheating on girlfriend Raquel Leviss, specifically with Gerelyn “GG” Gilbert and a waitress named Ellie. Now GG is seeking her fifteen minutes of fame speaking out about James and calling out the rest of the cast.

It’s hard for me to cope with the idea of anyone having sex with James, let alone making it public knowledge, but GG feels a need to set the (very obvious) record straight and shit on some Pump Rules cast members in the process.


The one thing I found interesting and felt thrown off by in GG‘s interview with the Buttered Pop podcast is that she repeatedly mentioned that she doesn’t watch Vanderpump Rules, yet she was went out of the way to clear the air and clarify editing problems with her portrayal.

Not only that, but GG goes back and forth from having “no interest in” being on the show, to saying that they don’t want her on it anyway. GG explained, “I served my pawn purpose. What else could I get into? I don’t hang out with any of those people.”

Nevertheless, it sounds like she just might be a Bitter Betty since GG also admitted, “I know they’re interviewing because they have a couple new waitstaff. They always interview people just to see what’s going on. It’s all real stuff, but they try to see what’s going on to see what is juicy, I guess, and they haven’t asked me.”

GG also made it a point to say, “I filmed a lot with them this summer and they cut so much out.”

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They didn’t even ask her to be on this season, even though she’s appeared a few times. GG admitted, “You don’t have to do the show if you start working there, but they interview everybody. It’s up to the producers if they like you or not. Or if you hook up with someone on the show.” At least she’s acknowledging the truth with that one. Plus, Ariana Madix, Brittany Cartwright, Tom Schwartz, and James all got on the show from hooking up with cast members.

GG explained why she thinks her conflict with James might prevent her from returning to Pump Rules, but it’s not for a reason that you might suspect: “I honestly think they don’t want me back on the show because they don’t condone violence, like when I hit him.”

GG also made it clear that she would (most likely) not be against appearing on Vanderpump Rules again. “I would only do the next season if they had new people or maybe just one friend for me and if I could do, like, the interview things because I didn’t get to do that, so no one saw my side.”

As a random side note, I was interested when GG said that she worked as an assistant for Kris Jenner. I would love to know if she had some Kardashian scoop, but that tangent never happened during the interview. Plus, I’m sure that Kris pulled a LaLa Kent and had GG sign a nondisclosure agreement at some point.

When it comes to her initial hookup with James, GG points out that she had no knowledge of him because she didn’t watch the show. “I knew about it, but I didn’t watch it. So I wasn’t, like, on Instagram, following this guy and knowing he had a girlfriend.”

GG explained why she was initially interested in James, which was not the best description of any human being – let alone one that people would want to have sex with – but I guess the persona worked for her. GG said, “He’s very aggressive, not like rapey or anything, but he’s persistent. He will tell you that you’re really pretty, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think he’s charming, but he’s just kind of fun; he’s like a kid.”

Hooking up with an aggressive kid? How appealing.

And GG revealed that they actually got together three different times. “The next two times, he had gotten a little more evil. I could see it, so I was done.” The other weird thing is that GG went from guarding the hookup as a secret to broadcasting it everywhere. GG admitted, “I kept it a secret because I knew people at SUR didn’t like James. Nobody likes him. I can’t tell anybody. It’s just embarrassing.” But she did end up telling everybody as we are all aware.

GG explained why she ended up coming forward about the embarrassing hookup: “He tried to like bribe me a little bit with the show. He was like ‘We can be friends if you keep your mouth shut. We can film a little bit.’ So I went to the producers and told everyone, ‘This is why he’s been calling me a slut because we hooked up and he has a girlfriend. He has guilt. And he’s going to keep calling me a whore.’ So I was like ‘I’m telling everybody.’ I told the producers and they were like, ‘Who could you tell this information to?'”

GG also said, “When it did finally end, he was calling me a whore and a slut.” Unfortunately, degrading women has become a bad habit for James. Just like the excessive drinking. GG said, “I honestly think he has more than just drinking issues. I think he has some mental-chemical imbalance there. He is doing some mental gymnastics every time I see him.”

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GG admitted that she was not actually in the dark about James dating Raquel. “The second time, I did know though because he told me. He was like ‘Just so you know, I have a girlfriend and this is just for fun.’ I know I lied and I said I never knew, but I knew the second time.” She justified it by saying, “And I was also like, ‘This happens when I’m drunk sometimes. I’m not like dating this guy.'”

And even now that GG knows all about Raquel, she has zero sympathy for her. “She already knew that James had cheated on her before because it was on TMZ and she found out. This is what I heard from LaLa.” Oh LaLa…

GG labeled Raquel as a low key Vanderpump Rules fan: “She f–king knew! 99% of our clientele at SUR are fans. Most people know about the show. She knew about it. Ellie said that when she first went there, she was taking pictures with everybody, like asking Lisa [Vanderpump] for pictures. So, she is not as innocent as she seems, and she knew that James had cheated on her before, taken him back. He could hook up with a girl right in front of her [and] she would stay with him. She does not give a f–k.”

I have no idea why anyone would date James, so assuming GG is in it for the fame is the only way that this would make sense to me. I am just being a major hater here, I know.

GG also pointed out that Raquel made a decision to let this drama be on the show: “She doesn’t have to film anything. She wants to.” True, James could have pulled a Stassi Schroeder or even a LaLa and have a personal relationship outside of the show and away from the cameras. GG added, “And no offense, she’s dumb as rocks.” Sure, Raquel might be a total piece of shit, but if that’s the case, we would just find out on our own. Talking shit about this girl whose boyfriend you slept with is just going to be more of a reflection on you than anything, GG.

Aside from saying numerous times that she doesn’t hang out with the cast, GG also said, “I don’t like a single one of them besides Brittany and Jax [Taylor].” Wait. Jax? Personally, Jax is my favorite character on the show, but I feel like almost every woman who works at SUR has been wronged by him at some point in life.

GG stated the obvious, “Brittany is the most genuine.” And once again claimed that she doesn’t watch Vanderpump Rules: “I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know how she’s portrayed, but she is the most genuine girl.” She also told a sweet story about Brittany asking GG to eat lunch with her during a break at a staff photo shoot after she saw that GG had no one to sit with. Brittany is the saint of SUR. Without a doubt.

GG noted, “Jax has always been nice to me.” And she said, “Jax has never been mean to me. [Tom] Sandoval has.” Yeah, well we saw him laying into you when you crashed James‘ rap performance, which GG has an interesting take on: “When he was yelling at me that night, I was like ‘Why is this girl yelling at me?’ Did you see him? I saw a clip and he’s like posing. He will be like ‘You are so thirsty’ and some kind of Zoolander face. I was just so confused. I was like, ‘This girl’s modeling right now.’ Is this a confrontation or a photo shoot?”

Not only did GG call out Sandoval‘s questionable hairstyle, but she also said that he knew about her bringing that bag of clothes to James‘ music gig before he confronted her. GG confessed (Or lied? Who knows at this point?), “He was acting so brand new about that bag of clothes. He knew I f–king had it. They cut it out, but I went up to their table before and they were like ‘What’s that bag?’ and I’m like ‘It’s James’ clothes.’ like super bitchy and he was like ‘I’ll give it to him’ so I gave it to him. Was that on there? So I gave it to him and then someone – I don’t know who, maybe Ellie – was just like ‘No, take it. Give it to him'”

She continued to hate on Sandoval. “He’s just trying to be funny. Trying to crack some jokes. I don’t know what he’s saying sometimes, but it’s just not worth my time. I can’t be bothered with him. I’m like ‘Thank god. If you didn’t have Ariana, what would you be?’ Not personality wise though, I just think she’s stunning.”

GG also said, “I had talked to Ariana and Tom off camera a little bit and they were like, ‘We don’t think it didn’t happen, but we just think you’re really desperate to get on the show.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care, bitch.'”

I am so confused. Is this girl trying to be on camera or not trying to be on camera? Pick a side, please.

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I thought that GG and Ellie were eskimo sister BFF’S, but apparently that’s not the case since GG said, “She said they were basically dating. They went on trips together. But, I don’t know. I don’t like Ellie either. She’s talked shit about LaLa and then they’re like best friends. I can’t handle any fake people.”

GG doesn’t dislike Ellie out of some loyalty to LaLa either. In fact, she isn’t a fan of hers either. “LaLa is too ghetto though. There’s a language barrier between her and me, I don’t know what she’s saying half the time.”

GG is tough to please and doesn’t seem to care about making friends. “These people just don’t even understand, the more you hate me, the more I’m here.”

Yes, this is the same girl who claims she doesn’t want to be on a reality TV show that she’s already appeared on/she did interviews about. That adds up…


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