When Vanderpump Rules first started, it was basically the Stassi Schroeder show, which was just fine with me. Those first two seasons were iconic in my eyes. This season is all about Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s wedding – and Katie is feeling the heat thanks to her rage texts and drunken arguments.

Stassi had a lot to say in defense of her girl Katie. She also defended herself against Scheana Marie’s claims that Stassi and Kristen Doute excluded her from planning Katie’s wedding events and addressed her breakdown after what she described as her “most embarrassing moment” on the show.


Tom and Katie have been the hot topic of conversation when it comes to this season of Vanderpump Rules. So of course Stassi had a lot to say in defense of the couple that she third wheels with during her recent appearance on the Pump Rules podcast.

On the subject, Stassi shared, “Everyone has their own version of what they think is a good relationship. I watch Katie and Schwartz and I see them so happy with their dynamic that it’s like who the f-ck is anyone else to judge that. That makes them very happy. I’m just glad that finally viewers get to see them have this cute moment instead of nonstop fighting.”

Seriously though, the wedding episodes served as much-needed redemption.

This is especially true after that shit show of a New Orleans trip where Tequila Tom emerged. Stassi said, “It was hysterical. I’ve never seen him so drunk for so long. He was wasted out of his mind the whole entire New Orleans trip. I don’t think he remembers any of it. Katie says that he hasn’t even watched the New Orleans episodes.”

Whether you’re on #TeamScheana or #TeamEveryoneElse, we can all agree that it was super tacky of Scheana to talk to Katie about the price of throwing her a bridal shower. Scheana even apologized for this and agreed, so it’s all good, hopefully. Stassi reflected, “I’m not talking about money. That’s just so weird. It’s just a tacky, not normal thing to do and I told her that to her face, off camera. I told everyone that.”

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Stassi revealed, “The one thing that I can say, and we do discuss this at the reunion, is that I had no idea anyone felt left out because we were all in a group chat – all the bridesmaids.”

Stassi denied accusations that she and Kristen excluded Scheana. “When we decided on that house we went to, it was me, Jennifer, and Rachael. Kristen wasn’t involved whatsoever. Jennifer, Rachael, and I were at my apartment calling numbers and then eventually we had a group bridesmaids lunch that wasn’t filmed actually where we decided who could do what.”

In regard to the financial responsibility of being a bridesmaid, Stassi recalled, “I specifically wrote in that group chat, which I think every single one of them would be able to find and screen shot, that everybody would be able to contribute in their own way, meaning if you don’t make as much, I’m not going to expect you to pay this amount of money. Contribute in any way that you can.”

Stassi brought up an interesting point: “Scheana making such a big deal about it. Maybe it was wrong for me and Kristen to just assume because we three have the same job that it would be the same [amount to pay].”

Stassi also opened up about her breakdown on Twitter after the episode where she drunk cried in the bathroom at that “surprise” pool party. “In five seasons I have done, that was the most embarrassing moment that I’ve had.”

Stassi explained, “I understand that social media and podcasts are outlets to talk about something, to voice an opinion, to poke fun, to be an asshole. I get it, but when you tag somebody in something on Twitter or comment on their photo so that particular person sees it, that to me is crossing the line.”

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“Say whatever you want. I’m not going to look up hash tag #VanderpumpRules, but I will look at what people are writing to me on Twitter and I will look at my comments on Instagram. To me, there’s just a huge difference.”

I don’t get why people “mention” people they don’t like on social media when they don’t even know them. Just post your opinions and leave her social media handles out of it. That seems like a good compromise for all parties involved: the fans can share what they think and Stassi doesn’t have to see it unless she types her name into a search bar.

Social media users went beyond bitching about the drama on the show. They actually told Stassi to go kill herself. I have no idea how someone could hate a reality star that they’ve never met that much.

Stassi revealed the content of the social media hate: “People telling me that I should kill myself and in specific ways and being so specific about what’s wrong with me and my personality or how I should kill myself, that I have a hunchback and back fat.”

At this point, it seems like Stassi is the first one to hate on herself when it’s warranted. She recalled, “Season 1, everyone thinks I was this big asshole and when I look at it, I was like ‘I was’ and it makes me laugh.” It made us all laugh.

[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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