Hell really has frozen over in Vermont since Bethenny Frankel invited Ramona Singer to the Vermont trip she hosted. So far, Ramona stayed out of the drama. The biggest issue she caused during the first episode of the trip was complaining about the room selection with Sonja Morgan.

Still, those two had nothing on Luann de Lesseps, who felt like she was entitled to some sort of bridal suite because she just got married. How does that make any sense? She only invited one of these women to her wedding and she already had numerous pre and post wedding parties. Now she wants a special room during a girls trip just because she got married. That doesn’t add up. The fuss around this wedding has gone overboard… a long time ago. Good for you, Lu, but let it go.

Instead of being elated that she was actually invited to Vermont, Ramona just said that she “only skis in Aspen,” which came off pretty bratty in all honesty. Ramona defended her comment in her Bravo blog entry, “When Luann brought it up to me, I did say I only ski in Aspen because that is where I have gone for many, many years and still go! But I was very excited to go to Vermont as it was a different place for me.” Sure.

Ramona didn’t care that the rest of the cast was annoyed by her and Sonja’s quest for the best room in the cabin. She wrote, “Get over it. The only thing for future trips is that we need to be the first to arrive (then no one has to be annoyed about our silliness).” Yes, that’s the solution. So much easier than checking your ego during a weekend trip to get the best bedroom.

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Ramona said what everyone was thinking when Luann complained about her room in the basement: “Meanwhile, Luann felt that since she was a newlywed, she should get the best room? Not sure how that applies to this? Unless she thinks this would be her wedding gift from all of us who were not invited to her wedding?”

Finally Ramona addressed the Tipsy Girl story line that just won’t die. “All of this Tipsy Girl feels like Groundhog day… the conversation just keeps on repeating. Just to clarify this, Peter, who I was a partner with at AOA, offered me a contract with Tipsy Girl. I never signed it. I was not interested for many reasons. This is old news and needs to be dropped by everyone! I love Sonja, but sometimes she does get confused about the facts.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]