Kelly Dodd

Even though Kelly Dodd joined Real Housewives of Orange County as a friend of Meghan Edmonds, that friendship seems to be on the rocks these days. Meghan asked Kelly if she had a boyfriend on the side and Kelly fired back by saying that Meghan’s husband Jim Edmonds is having an affair.

Other than that, not much has happened between these two, but it’s clear shit is about to go down since they are constantly ripping on each other on social media and in interviews.

On a happier note, Kelly wrote in her Bravo blog, “Thanks to Tamra [Judge] helping me reconcile with Shannon [Beador], I am now on reasonably good terms with all the women!! FINALLY! It feels good.” That might have been true whenever that episode filmed, but that is definitely not the case these days.

Kelly wrote, “Let’s start off with Meghan since she always seems to be digging at me every chance she gets in her blogs and interviews. It is strange to me that Meghan would be so critical of Jimmy, considering that he seems to support her on everything she wants to do and provides her with a pretty amazing lifestyle. I was surprised that she felt compelled to say that Aspen has brought out the ‘softer’ side of Jimmy.”

Kelly continued, “That is, as she explains, when ‘…he is not being a huge a**hole, he is so sweet’ What? I don’t understand why she would say such a mean thing. Whenever Michael [Dodd] and I have been around Jimmy, he is always sweet and extremely nice to everyone.”

So is this a dig at Meghan or a defense of Jim?

Kelly seemed to have some sympathy for Tamra when she wrote, “I felt like crying when I heard Tamra’s mom crying on the phone.” But she immediately switched things up when she added, “To me, it seems like Tamra puts a lot of blame on everyone else. Her Dad, her Mom, Vicki [Gunvalson], Simon [Barney].”

Kelly addressed the rumors about Eddie [Judge] being secretly gay (yet again) when she wrote, “I just want to get something clear and out in the open. In discussions with me, I don’t believe Vicki ever intended to attack Eddie or Tamra’s marriage. I was the one that spewed the rumor in response to Tamra’s aggressiveness towards me in Ireland. Vicki never intended for that to happen.  Sometimes when I watch Tamra, I think she is using the rumor about Eddie as a reason to hate on Vicki.”

Kelly also discussed Tamra and Peggy Sulahian’s awkward conversation during the last episode. She wondered, “Why does Tamra have to tense up and take on an aggressive posture just because someone mentions Vicki is a nice way? For Tamra to be happy, does everyone around her have to hate on Vicki all the time?”

Kelly continued, “I think Peggy’s intentions were noble. She was coming from a good place when she offered her advice. Peggy said, in essence, stop discussing it, stop digging up the past, get over it, and move on. I agree with Peggy. I know for me, it takes a whole lot more energy to stay angry than to forgive. The negativity eats me up inside. It’s just not worth it.”

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