My Kisses Are Very Private

Can you feel the love tonight on Survivor? Love, as they say, is a many splendored thing, and it was definitely in the air tonight on Survivor. But there was no love lost by the time we reached Tribal Council, where one castaway felt the sting of betrayal after succumbing to a brutal blindside. Yes, love hurts.

Please remember that this recap assumes that you have already seen this week’s Episode 3 of Survivor: HHH, so if you have not and don’t want to be spoiled, please come back later! It’s important to add too that while we WILL hit on all of the important developments of the episode, this is not a linear “blow-by-blow” recap, and is more of a discussion and reaction of what we just witnessed together.


My Kisses Are Very Private

So I guess being classmates at college only gets you so far in the game of Survivor. Of course, I’m referring to the information that was revealed last week in my exit interview with Simone, who revealed that Ali and Patrick – while not the closest of friends – did know each other from college when attending Auburn University. Patrick was finally let go by Ali this week, who just couldn’t protect him any longer. I say good riddance, personally. Ali can only do so much, and Patrick really sealed his own fate despite being very bitter on the way out (he called his former tribe mates all “awful” on the way out, and then in his closing interview he wished them all ill will the rest of the way in the game). Patrick was possibly a good personality to have on a Reality TV show, and by that I mean he is loud, annoying, goofy and boisterous, which usually will result in drama and entertainment…never a bad thing I suppose. But he was also the type of player that Survivor fans could immediately identify as one of those characters that was never going to have a chance to win the game. There is always a few, and if this season is doing anything right, at least we now have gotten rid of three such contestants right off the bat to start the game.

Patrick‘s insistence to stay in the challenge throwing sand bags was shown to be the straw that broke the red-headed camel’s back, but we’ll learn more in my exit interview with Patrick on Thursday. For now, I think it was a no-brainer for the Hustlers tribe and I think that Lauren staying in the game is a benefit to every one else, included us viewers.

My Kisses Are Very Private

Beyond the whole “will it be Patrick or Lauren?” drama, the rest of the episode was all about the relationships being built – or being broken down – at the other tribes. We got a brief scene at the beginning of the ep reminding us that Chrissy and Ben are really running the show at the Heroes camp, with Ashley probably sitting in the three position, and with JP and Alan on the outside looking in. Alan continues to be portrayed as maybe the last remaining “not fit for this game” type of player, and despite Ashley and JP still having a strong connection, we learned that they are trying hard to dismiss the “power couple” label that Alan put on them back on Day One.

The real show-mance of the season is clearly the hook-up of Cole and Jessica, and damn are they cute. Jessica tells us that she’s a virgin and blushes after spontaneously kissing Cole on the cheek. Cole tells us that the more he learns about Jessica, the more he likes, and calls her his “dream girl.” And while that may be true on a personal level, Jessica soon found out that Cole is not necessarily her “dream partner” when it comes to the game and strategy. Not only did Cole tell Jessica (“I thought I was special!”), but he then decides to tell Desi and Roark (welcome to the show!) about Joe‘s Idol as well…and without first consulting with Jessica. Jessica also aptly noted that Cole revealed this information WAY too soon, and had he waited longer he might have been in a much-improved position of power. Especially now that the tribe swap is on the horizon next episode, it may have benefited Cole to keep that news between he and Jessica. It’s easy to Monday-morning quarterback the whole situation, but for now it seems like Jessica has a legitimate beef.

My Kisses Are Very Private

Episode Take-Away: I once again liked the pace of this episode, as we received a good amount of strategy and character-building…the challenge again didn’t happen until nearly the 40-minute mark of the hour. I like that they reminded us about the show’s real power couples this episode: Chrissy and Ben, Jessica and Cole and Ryan and Devon. Lauren saved herself this episode, but I feel will really face an uphill battle in this next phase of the game pre-merge…she could be looked at as the easy target if she ends up on a tribe away from Ali and the others. The upcoming swap is always great for a few players and is always terrible for a few others, but Joe could really benefit (even if he doesn’t realize it at first) by going to a tribe without any of the other Healers…this would put him in a situation where he has an Idol but nobody else on his new tribe would know about it.

Overall I am on-board with this season and this cast, although I will admit that I keep waiting for something bigger and more exciting to happen. Through three episodes, we haven’t had a lot of real drama or great strategy, but there does seem to be a number – several! – players worth rooting for and who seem to know how to play the game. Once they parse out the Simones, the Patricks, the Katrinas from the mix, I think it sounds very compelling to think of Ali, Ryan, Chrissy and Ben all going head-to-head post-merge. I’m not giving up on this season, but here’s hoping that next week’s tribe swap injects the game with some real energy.

My Kisses Are Very Private

Strategic Move of the Week: This is a hard one to award this week, as there wasn’t too much strategy going on that would be considered commendable. Cole definitely isn’t getting it, as I don’t think it was a very sound move to let everyone else in on his knowledge of Joe‘s Idol. It may be hard to see, but I think I’ll award this to Lauren this week, for simply managing to stay alive and making sure the target grew bigger and bigger on Patrick. Just last episode she told us how she wasn’t fitting in and how she had some social anxiety, so kudos to her for at least doing enough to make good with those in power on her tribe.

Voted out this week: Patrick

Won Immunity: Heroes (won some live chickens) and Healers (won a basket of eggs)

Vote: No Idols or advantages played. 4 – Patrick (Lauren, Ali, Ryan, Devon), 1 – Lauren (Patrick)

Next Week’s Episode: “Drop your buffs!” The first major shake-up of the season is happening next week as the tribe’s will be mixed-up. With fifteen players remaining in the game, does that imply that we will see three tribes of five?

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