Porsha Williams Calls Out Kandi Burruss For Fake Concerns


Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley

In recent Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, Kandi Burruss expressed her concern that Porsha Williams may be moving too fast in her relationship with Dennis McKinley.

Is it really Kandi’s place to be “concerned” though? These two have been beefing for two seasons and they just got on good terms. Sure, it’s so awkward and tense between the two of them, but technically speaking, they were “cool” with each other.

Porsha addressed Kandi’s fake “concerns”  in her Bravo blog. Porsha shut down the messy tea Kandi was spilling all over the place. She was not bothered by Dennis’ habits in previous relationships. She was more upset about the gossip behind her back.

Porsha does not believe that Kandi made a genuine effort to rebuild their relationship. She declared, “If she is, she has a crazy way of showing it!”

Porsha went on to say,  “At the end of the day, I wanted Kandi to know I saw through her fake concerns because she had already proved it was disingenuous by spreading it to two different groups of women instead of coming directly to me.” Two different groups… in front of the Real Housewives of Atlanta camera crew. So much for having a genuine “concern.”

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Porsha continued, “Kandi knew that while she was being ‘messy,’ we hadn’t communicated with one another on any personal level as ‘friends,’ so why would she even care?” She doesn’t.

Porsha claimed, “Her actions showed me that she is great at throwing the rock and hiding her hand. If she didn’t want to make up, she should have just been straight up and said that instead of acting like we were moving forward. The whole time she headed down the ‘wrong road’ on her own. I’m cool either way!”

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Why did Kandi run around behind Porsha’s back talking about Dennis?  This was surprising to fans as Kandi usually is the one to stay out of people relationships.  Plus, she’s had enough drama of her own when the women talked about now-husband Todd Tucker behind her back when they first got together. Was this a hypocritical move to make? Either way, Porsha has no problem dragging her.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]