Thomas Ravenel Blames Son’s Development Problems On Kathryn Dennis Drinking & Doing Drugs During Pregnancy

Thomas Ravenel’s child custody battle is really turning up with even more accusations and the ultimate smear campaign against Kathryn Dennis.

An article from People elaborated on court documents originally obtained by  The Blast.  In those documents, Thomas blames his son’s behavioral and developmental problems on Kathryn using drugs while pregnant.

Thomas seems desperate to discredit Kathryn as a fit mother.  He says Kensington’s child development and behavior problems are due to the lack of mother-daughter bonding. Furthermore, he blames their son’s developmental and behavior problems on Kathryn drinking and doing drugs while pregnant. This guy really has some nerve!  What a great pretender trying to convince people to believe he is the embodiment of the best dad ever.

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Back in 2016, Ravenel was awarded full custody after Kathryn tested positive for marijuana and failed her mandated Ravenel drug test.  At this time Kathryn checked herself into rehab and was required to pass random drug testing.

Additionally, Thomas alleges that Kathryn purchased synthetic urine to pass the required court-mandated drug test as he states she has a history of purchasing the synthetic urine. The document says, “Ravenel is informed and believes that Dennis did not successfully complete her rehabilitation program, as Dennis tested positive for drugs after her release.”

Thomas claims that the children progressed in his care. Conversely, he says they significantly regressed since Kathryn was awarded 50/50 custody. Furthermore, Thomas states there is evidence that Kathryn is doing nothing to help in potty-training their youngest and is feeding his son by bottle instead of insisting that he use a cup. Well, maybe your children are getting the nurturing from their mother that you have denied them, T-Rav!

Even though Kathryn has passed her drug tests,  Thomas insists  Kathryn is abusing illegal drugs as well as prescription drugs with alcohol. He also accused Kathryn of filing for sole custody solely to have a storyline on Southern Charm. Father of the year, right here.

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It gets even more personal though. Thomas went even lower with some other accusations. He claimed that Kathryn has many mental health disorders from ADD, OCD, self-mutilation, Bi-Polar, Cluster B personality traits, Histrionic, and borderline personality disorders. Also, called her a kleptomaniac.

Viewers have watched Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship play out over the years. We have watched her journey and she has grown to become a beautiful young woman who loves her children.

Ultimately, Thomas is asking the courts for full custody and for Kathryn to pay him child support. He doesn’t want his kids on Southern Charm or Kathryn’s social media endorsements.

We will see how it all plays out in court. What’s next ThomasSouthern Charm will be fine without you and so will Kathryn.


[Photo: Bravo]