Peter Thomas Insults Black Woman’s Hair & Skin Color In Video Rant

Messy Peach of Atlanta, Peter Thomas has put his foot in his mouth. Again  Peter made some very insensitive remarks in regards about an unknown black woman.

Peter uploaded a video to his Instagram account. In the video, he degrades and belittles a black woman’s hairstyle and skin color, all while driving.  I mean, isn’t it illegal to drive without a hands-free phone?

In the Instagram video, Peter proclaimed, “I love women, I love black women, my God I love ya’ll.  But I also love black women to wear their natural hair.”  Well, first of all, he doesn’t have any hair so…I don’t consider him an expert on hair care.  It’s strange to hear this since ex-wife Cynthia Bailey wears wigs all the time on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Unfortunately, he went on, “If you want to process it, if you want to iron it, if you want to add some extensions to it, I am all good with that.”  Well gee thanks for your approval, Peter. Are all black women supposed to wake up and consult Peter on their hair choice for the day?  Look at him sitting there with his blue Papa Smurf hoodie. #GirlBye!

The video gets even worse. Peter has the nerve to say, “Ya’ll got to know not everything is for everybody.  I don’t like to see people darker than me, black as f*ck, as me.”  Well, what kind of women do you wish to see Messy Peach Peter?  He continues to say, “A woman wearing blonde hair or honey blonde hair and it is not even done right, it just crazy.  It looks like you are wearing a f*cked up hat.”  I believe Cynthia wore blonde and honey blonde fake hair.  Multiple times.

Who is he to say what black women should do with their hair?  Sorry, she offended you Messy Peach Peter. Bar One is calling.  How does he know that this woman was not rushing out, having a bad day and just decided to throw on a wig?

Two days after that insulting post, Peter uploaded an apology video to his Instagram account.  Well, it just keeps getting better!  In this video, he says, “I vent and all my sisters out there light my ass up.”

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Then, Peter shared, “They broke it down to me and I was wrong, as a black man I was wrong.  I should use my platform to uplift, to empower, to celebrate my black women. Not to pick apart, not to tear down.  My words was offensive to so many people that I RESPECT and for that I truly apologize it will never happen again.”  Like what the hell are you talking about Messy Peach Peter?  Your apology is based only on the black women you respect.  How about the young lady you should be directing this apology too? Remember her?

Peter continued, “I should have looked at that woman like a sister, an aunt, my mom, a relative okay.  I don’t know what she was going through that day. I was reckless for that, and I promise you I apologize for it and it will never happen again”.  Yes, it will. Messy Peach, you just can’t stay out of that limelight, can you?

You would think that Papa Smurf at his age would have been educated already on supporting ALL women. Or maybe he really doesn’t care because all he needs from them is to borrow him money for his next bar adventure!


[Photo: Bravo]