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Joe Giudice

Joe Giudice is ready to issue a mea culpa. Just a few days ago, we reported on Juicy Joe wandering the streets of Italy, complaining about everyone’s reaction to the coronavirus. In case you missed it, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star posted a video to his Instagram account, griping about the lack of people in the streets and making the absurd claim that more people die from Viagra than the coronavirus.

Now I thought about reaching out to the CDC for comment on Joe’s claims. But, I figured it might just be a waste of my time. Either way, it looks like Joe might have already seen the error of his ways before I even had my chance to refute his claims. Thank god for that. I don’t think anyone was really following Joe’s feelings on such a serious matter too closely. Still, it really was in poor taste on his part.

Danielle Staub’s Ex-Husband Marty Caffrey Says They Will Never Get Back Together; Danielle Says “Never Say Never”

Danielle Staub is probably one of the hardest housewives to get rid of. Even with her departure on Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has still managed to weasel her way back into the spotlight for various reasons. Usually, it entails some form of short-lived engagement but she also hasn’t stopped gracing our screens on RHONJ.

Perfect example – last season we saw plenty of Danielle for just a friend of, or whatever she was being called at the time. Wedding journey or not, I thought she got way too much screen time. But I suppose she played her bridezilla role to perfection, setting up an epic battle with full-time cast member Margaret Josephs that extended into the current season’s main story line. #JusticeforMargesPonytail. And I guess we should be thankful for that because really, who wants to watch a whole season of Jennifer Aydin arguing with Jackie Goldschneider argue about a kid’s pizza party?

The reality is, Danielle’s appearances on RHONJ seemed to last longer than her marriage to Marty Caffrey. Lucky Marty, ammirite?

Instagram Users Slam Alexis Bellino For Hoarding Supplies During Coronavirus Outbreak

Ex-housewife Alexis Bellino has always been known for her excess. During her time on Real Housewives of Orange County, we often heard her bragging about houses, cars and expensive handbags. Her castmates famously ganged up on her on their trip to Costa Rica to point this out. Gretchen Rossi called her materialistic. Vicki Gunvalson (rest in housewives peace) told her she should be saving money instead of buying cars. And super villain Tamra Judge called on Jesus Jugs to”be a true person” for once. The verbal barrage ended with Alexis retreating to her room in tears, saying that everyone was bullying her.

While her marriage to Jim Bellino ended and her paychecks from RHOC dried up once she got fired from left the show, Alexis didn’t exactly reign it in. She kept the cash flow coming in from super awkward stints on Marriage Boot camp: Reality Stars-Family Edition and a new relationship with a guy that I’m assuming also has money. I don’t know how much but I do know it’s enough for them to land on an episode of Below Deck together.

Heather And Terry Dubrow Casting For A New Reality TV Show

Heather Dubrow has long been gone from Real Housewives of Orange County but that hasn’t slowed her down from being featured on TV and other media platforms. She has long been hawking her Consult Beaute skincare line with husband Terry Dubrow on a home shopping network. Heather also has a podcast (presumably about being a fancy rich lady) and has written two books with Terry, The Dubrow Diet and The Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet. She even appeared on an episode of Terry’s hit show Botched. If you’re on social media, you also might know that Heather has taken to YouTube to welcome us into her house, her closet and even her laundry room.

In short, what aren’t they doing? Clearly, Heather and Terry are finding a way to keep busy after RHOC. They parlayed their rich and opulent personas (Champs! The nickname Fancy Pants!) into a whole empire. I do use the term empire loosely but what else would you call all of the above? Heather and Terry are busy to say the least.

Peter Thomas in Jamaica - RHOA season 8

Cynthia Bailey has long since moved past her marriage and divorce with Peter Thomas. This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has even featured her getting engaged to new love, Mike Hill. I’m still on the fence about Mike. But, one thing I can say for sure is that I like him a whole lot more than Peter.

Let me explain. Cynthia and Peter never seemed like a good match to me. Peter was too fiery, too temperamental for our passive Cynthia. Her family hated him so much that they almost sabotaged their wedding. The only castmate that seemed to like him (for a bit) was NeNe Leakes and that ended in her calling him a “bitch.” There was just so much fighting between Cynthia and Peter over money and the ill-fated Bar One that it made me cringe. Then came the inevitable cheating rumors. While he was still married to Cynthia, Peter was busted on camera inappropriately touching a woman who wasn’t his wife, leading Cynthia to skip his daughter’s wedding. Nothing about the couple made me think they would last. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who saw their divorce coming from a mile away.

Did Gregg Leakes Cheat On Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes?

Real Housewives of Atlanta has given us plenty of drama when it comes to the marriage of NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg Leakes. While they started out as an adoring married couple when we were first introduced to them many seasons ago, the camera has caught all the ups and downs since. And there were many. Fans were shocked when they announced their divorce in 2011 but even more shocked when they decided to remarry in 2013. True to reality TV form, Bravo even aired a special about their second set of nuptials, titled I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. The wedded bliss didn’t last long and a few short years later with NeNe back on RHOA, Gregg was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

NeNe was open and honest about how hard she found it to be a caretaker and the cracks in their relationship were on full display. They were sleeping in separate bedrooms and both making cryptic social media posts, leaving fans to wonder if they were headed for a second divorce. They pulled through and last year, Gregg also announced that he was cancer free. Despite the physical and emotional strain taking a toll on their relationship, by the the start of this season of RHOA, they seemed to have gotten to a good place.

Joe Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Joe Giudice might be long gone from Real Housewives of New Jersey AND the United States as a whole. Unfortunately for us, that doesn’t mean we are done hearing from him. He’s deported, estranged from wife Teresa Giudice and away from his four daughters, but Joe hasn’t let it slow him down. Whether it’s  partying pool side in Mexico, commenting on Teresa’s boobs on Instagram, or starting his own podcast, Joe is proving that he’s a media sensation in his own right. Ok, media sensation might be pushing it but we are hearing way more about him now that ever.

Let’s admit it, I could do without all the Juicy Joe news. I never really cared for him to begin with and love him or hate him, he wasn’t exactly a prince to Teresa during their marriage. But he’s out there and inquiring minds want to know so here we are, folks. Buckle up because even though no one really asked him, Joe is weighing in on world news.

Kelly Dodd Reacts To Rumors That Tamra Judge Will Film For The Next Season Of Real Housewives Of Orange County

I don’t know about you but as explosive as it was, the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County wasn’t my favorite. There was such a heavy tone between Gina Kirschenheiter’s ongoing split with her ex and then we had to endure Vicki Gunvalson as a friend of. That alone was enough to send me over the edge. Vicki knew it was her last shot, so she really upped the ante and it was painful to watch. All you Vicki stans just say you hate me right now because I’m going to say that Vicki ruined the season. She might have survived the infamous cancer scam of seasons past but with her standing on the show being threatened, it’s like she committed to taking down as many people as possible.

One of her targets? Kelly Dodd. Now I know the train rumor wasn’t all Vicki’s doing. She might have started it but one very sneaky housewife repeated it – Tamra Judge. “Faith, family and fitness” my ass. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t advocate spreading rumors about a cast mate engaging in an illicit sex act. But Jesus aside, Tamra said it and was happy for anyone else to take the fall for it. When Kelly confronted her on all her deception, Tamra flipped the script and had the audacity to get mad at Kelly for not believing that she was trying to defend her. Spoiler alert: she wasn’t! As far as villains go, it was quite the power move but it wasn’t enough to save her either. After the season aired, it was announced that neither Tamra or Vicki would be back. In other words, they were fired. Cue the author of this story rejoicing!