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Kandi Burruss

Since it’s inception in 2016, the OLG restaurant has been a staple of Kandi Burruss‘ story line on Real Housewives of Atlanta.  OLG was the idea of Kandi’ husband Todd Tucker, in the attempt to bring some more soul to the plates of local eaters. OLG, or Old Lady Gang, is an homage to Kandi’s mother Mama Joyce, along with her two aunts, all known for their amazing soul food style cooking. There are currently three locations.

But, owning a high profile restaurant can sometimes bring unwanted attention and nothing could be more true thanks to recent events.

NeNe allegedly tried to squash beef with Kenya before filming

Who misses NeNe Leakes from this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Anyone? I know there are still some NeNe stans out there and lucky for them, they have plenty of content to work with, even with her lack of presence on the show. We recently told you about NeNe possibly losing some coins over her whole Kenya Moore feud, which in turn hasn’t given her as much air time as some might enjoy. I am not one of those people and personally find the show more cohesive without her.

Kenya has been pretty vocal about her side of the story, even going as far as accusing NeNe of being intimidated and jealous of her. The rest of the cast has largely stayed out of it, maybe because they are afraid to cross NeNe, or maybe because they are just so tired of dealing with her BS. Either way, the tea is continuing to spill on NeNe and her motives this season, whether she likes it or not.

Ashley Martson Responds To Ex Jay Smith Saying He Regrets Going On 90 Day Fiance With Her

I already told you guys how Ashley Martson and Jay Smith from 90 Day Fiance are one of my least favorite couples that came from the crazy train that is the show. The make ups and break ups, along with mudslinging on social media and GoFundMe requests popping up left and right, they are truly easy to hate.

So where does their relationship stand now? We know that they are estranged from one another and have been for quite some time, but their divorce isn’t completely finalized yet. We know that Jay had a brief relationship with some rando who we don’t even have to name because that’s how quickly it came and went. So he’s single now (hear that, ladies?) and supposedly so is Ashley. I’m not even sure how these two have time to date with all the talking they are doing to different media outlets.

Kenya Moore Dishes On Lack Of NeNe Leakes’ Presence In This Season Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The tea is piping hot today, folks! It’s no secret that Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore can’t stand each other but things have heated up to a whole new level this season. I stupidly had hope that Kenya taking some time off from the series might actually thaw things out between the two but that hope died when NeNe had to go and compare a pregnant Kenya to a buffalo. So not cool.

Kenya isn’t exactly someone to take insults lying down so we all knew that wasn’t going to fly. It didn’t and only fueled the fire for Kenya to come for NeNe even harder. And she’s not just attacking NeNe herself but what she brings to the show.

90 Day Fiance Star Jay Smith Regrets Going On The Show

If I’m being perfectly honest with myself and everyone reading this, two people I don’t miss from the 90 Day Fiance series are Ashley Martson and her estranged husband Jay Smith. I would like to consider myself a 90 Day fanatic but those two always rubbed me the wrong way.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I got turned off from their manufactured love story because so much happened that it was hard to keep up on the show, let alone in real-time. On screen, there was the fighting, the cheating, and the angry friends zipping off on mopeds after Ashley wouldn’t heed their warning (still my favorite part of their story). Off screen, they took on-again-off-again to the next level, plus there were some rumors Jay got a woman pregnant. And let’s not forget the oddly staged photoshoot of them seemingly in love, walking a horse around while they dressed up in Burger King crowns. Yep, I hate this couple, maybe more than any of the other 90 Day couples to grace our screens.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives of New Jersey RHONJ

Jennifer Aydin may only be on her sophomore season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that hasn’t stopped her from speaking her mind about well, pretty much any time she wants. While most would normally find that trait perfect for a budding housewife, Jennifer has been accused by fans of being stuck up, materialist and trying too hard.

But regardless of what you might think of her, the one thing we can all agree on is that the Chanel-loving housewife is always honest about how she feels. From admitting to being scared of castmate Teresa Guidice, to how much money she spends on her kids, to all the plastic surgery she’s recently had, it is kind of refreshing for someone on RHONJ to not hold back. Well, unless that means going up against Teresa.

NeNe Leakes

It’s not hard to notice that NeNe Leakes hasn’t exactly been a feature on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, even though she’s billed as a full-time cast member. Despite her lack of presence, she knows how to keep her relationship with her fellow Housewives full of drama, which makes one wonder just how much screen time the ATL OG needs anyway.

It’s recently been released that NeNe has hired a high powered attorney to help her with….well, we don’t know exactly. NeNe announced on Instagram that she is working with the famed Lisa Bloom so she can “make some noise”. Whatever that means. She’s also been spilling the supposed tea to “friend” Wendy Williams, who took to the airwaves saying that NeNe text her that she quit. Wendy went on to tell her viewers, “I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders.”

Vicki Gunvalson Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed

While fans are still reeling from the news of Vicki Gunvalson‘s exit from Real Housewives of Orange County, more trouble was brewing for the self-proclaimed OG of the OC behind the scenes and it had nothing to do with her holding an orange.

Vicki has never been shy about her dedication to her insurance business and how successful she is, but success doesn’t come without some bumps along the way. Those bumps include last year’s lawsuit brought by one of her former clients, who accused Vicki of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. Whew, is that a mouthful of an accusation, which we remember Kelly Dodd was all too happy to bring up and throw in Vicki’s face during a fight on their cast trip to Key West. While Vicki vehemently denied the claim, Kelly’s taunts of Vicki being a con woman seemed to hit a nerve.