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Well, well, what do we have here? A person who followed through on their career goals? Someone with ambition? Someone who is mentally saying, “IN YOUR FACE!” to Naomie Olindo? Believe it or not, Southern Charm star Craig Conover might be the one. Fans of the show could very easily say they never thought this day would come. Historically, Craig has fallen victim to procrastination, which is just a nice way of saying partying got in the way of becoming a full adult with responsibilities or income.

While Craig may or may not have lied about finishing law school, eventually he completed the necessary credits to receive his degree. He even managed to pass the bar, which was great because Craig had never previously passed a bar in his life. Craig’s journey took a turn when he battled an addiction to Adderall and a bad relationship break-up. He gave the bourbon business a try, then developed a line of pillows and wanted to be the next Martha Stewart. Now we’ve come full circle and it’s back to being a lawyer. Folks in the greater South Carolina region facing legal peril can breathe a sigh of relief because they have a new mantra…”Don’t get run over, call Conover”.

Shep Rose Southern Charm

Another day, another bombshell about the Madison LecroyAlex RodriguezJennifer Lopez scandal. This time, it was dropped by none other than Southern Charm mainstay Shep Rose.

On the show, Bravo kept a lot of the details vague regarding allegations that Madison was secretly FaceTiming a married baseball player. However, that’s not stopping Shep from spilling what happened — even when the cameras were rolling.

Cameran Eubanks Is “Embarrassed For Our Daughters” In Response To Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Performing “WAP” At The Grammy Awards

Cameran Eubanks‘ time on Southern Charm was honestly pretty forgetful. She was super private with her life on-camera and the only time she had a storyline was in the season she didn’t even appear on. 

And her irrelevance has apparently made her pretty bitter, so she’s decided the best way to use her voice is by shaming other women on social media. Gross.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

We’ve all been on a wild ride in recent weeks that is the messy rollercoaster of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez‘s relationship.

Rumors started swirling at the Southern Charm reunion that Madison LeCroy was secretly FaceTiming with ARod. And ever since then, the tea being spilled has just gotten hotter.

DO NOT USE- Shep Rose Madison LeCroy Alex Rodriguez

The news broke recently that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are having relationship problems. While some people are surprised by this, I’m just surprised that it took this long for breakup gossip to surface. Apparently, they’re still hanging on to this relationship, but I just don’t get why.

ARod was having secret FaceTime interactions with Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm. She maintained that he “never physically cheated” on Jennifer. Regardless, that’s so absurdly disrespectful and embarrassing. Jennifer should have dropped him immediately when this story broke.

Patricia Altschul Shares Website Dedicated To Michael Kelcourse’s Recovery; Fans Can Send Good Wishes And Stay Updated On Progress

Most of the time around here we like to cut up and have fun whilst relaying the latest embezzlement scheme involving a Housewife. Our content often surrounds the trials and tribulations of rich people with little sense and no moral compass. Regardless of what show catches your fancy on Bravo, sometimes the folks who snatch our hearts are not on the main cast. Patricia Altschul has been on Southern Charm since Season 1, and so has her butler, Michael Kelcourse.

Michael the Butler is arguably the best part of Southern Charm. He has been a loyal friend to Ms. Pat and her family for almost 20 years. For all intents and purposes, Michael runs everything. He takes care of Patricia, he maintains an army of animals, and he manages an enormous home with relative ease. Viewers began to love Michael for his tenderness towards dogs and his shy, quick wit. This is why it was heartbreaking to learn Michael unfortunately suffered a debilitating stroke. Now Ms. Pat offers a way for us to keep up with Michael and his progress.

Reality TV Listings - Southern Charm Reunion

Woof. Honestly, I thought the belated and super public fetal alcohol accusations were way too much. Thomas Ravenel will simply *not* keep any potentially negative press about the mother of his children to himself. I get that Kathryn Dennis is a grown woman, making her own decisions (many of which are super fucked up), but this is the mother of his kids! He was literally just living with her! And she thought they were getting back together?? Sure, that’s completely delusional from a self-respect standpoint, but it also doesn’t add up.

Before Thomas’ exit from the show, most of this couples’ tumult made its way onto Southern Charm. Now we have to rely on court documents for this mess.

Patricia Altschul’s Butler Michael Had A Stroke

Listen, someone’s gotta bring some charm to Southern Charm. It all just happens to come from one secondary character, Michael The Butler. He sure does bring enough to make up for everyone else’s shit. We have Patricia Altschul to thank for bringing this man into our lives and onto our screens. Though I find the ringing bell to be a bit 17th century, I can appreciate the camp she’s trying to bring. Get yours, Pat.

Michael has been a fan favorite since his first appearance on screen. He’s just a total peach. He is always mixing up a drink, primping some floofy dog, or casually rubbing Cameran Eubanks‘ feet to induce labor. Of course, he and Cam have a special bond. She famously dressed her dog as Michael for Halloween a few years back. A true sign you’ve made it. There’s also the infamous scene of Michael driving through McDonald’s in a Bently. The man, the butler, the legend. Loving this guy is probably the one thing all Bravo fans can agree on.