Southern Charm Savannah


On last night’s episode of Southern Charm Savannah, the crew is cleaning up the wreckage from Hurricane Matthew. While they can’t decide what was more devastating–the storm or that dinner party–Happy McCullough and Catherine Cooper are driving around assessing the damage. Happy admits that she was sickened by Nelson Lewis’ defense of his racist comments at the pre-Matthew dinner party, and Catherine is understanding…while giving Nelson Lewis the benefit of the doubt for just being an idiot.

Hannah Pearson‘s three sisters (one of whom is a Maggie Gyllenhaal clone) arrive from Atlanta and Denver for Louis‘ birthday celebration, and they dish on their parents’ divorce and their father’s subsequent random relationships. The split has been hard on the family, but it’s even more taxing now that their father has tasked his girls with bridging a friendship gap between him and their mother. Given the list of his recent dalliances and a description of their evening wear, I’m guessing that bridge is going to be


It’s that time of the week again! Southern Charm night is upon us. And the Charmers don’t disappoint tonight.

The love triangle is in full gear tonight when Shep Rose attempts to kiss Chelsea Meissner, which shocks her and angers Austen Kroll. Austen lets Shep know they  and he lets Shep know.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis continue to attempt to get along for the sake of their kids. Thomas allows Kathryn to do a photoshoot with their daughter Kensie and along the way Kathryn winds up in a puddle of tears, confiding her stress to Chelsea.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Borders

It’s become pretty obvious that on Southern Charm Savannah the person in the position of odd woman out is Ashley Borders.  Don’t feel too sorry for her, though! She has a pretty good outlook on the first season of the newest Southern Charm, even if things seems rough with her marriage under the microscope, and questions about what she really does for a living.

Throw in there her cast mates suggesting that she doesn’t have a great relationship with the truth, and Ashley does seem to be painted into a corner as the Kathryn Dennis of Savannah. But through it all, Ashley explains that she is a straight shooter who says she is still grateful to be able to have this new experience to be on Southern Charm Savannah with people she has known since childhood.


Not even Hurricane Matthew could drown my sorrows as I watched last night’s Southern Charm Savannah. I’m really trying here, y’all! For the most part, I like the cast (save a couple). Lyle has some great one-liners, and Hannah Pearson and Happy McCullough seem nice enough. I think I’d like drinking wine with them, right? Then why can’t I get invested in this spin-off? Not even a crossover could help!

Last night’s episode resumes with the cast gathered at that heated dinner party. As Daniel Eicholz continues to school Nelson Lewis on his racial slur, Nelson feigns shock and offense. How dare Daniel quote what he said in his own home? Daniel counters that if Nelson ever hears him say something offensive, he has Daniel’s full permission to call him out on it. Nelson wasn’t being genuinely racist, he just meant the term in an allegorical sense. Allegorical? Happy is in tears, and Azam comes to her defense as he tries to educate Nelson on how his words affect others. Louis is rolling his eyes at Nelson’s ignorance, as Happy recounts how it feels to be the victim of racism because of her relationship with Azam. Lyle McKenzie leads the charge to end the dinner party, as Nelson storms out ahead of the crowd. Is he a racist? HELL DAMN NO!


Oh Southern Charm Savannah….y’all need a lesson in dinner parties and The Glass Menagerie from folks who know. Last night’s episode was a master disaster disguised as a dinner party from hell. Y’all need to step up your game! But let’s get started with the recap, shall we?

In light of the recent fire (no pun intended), Ashley Borders and her friend Zia welcome a Gullah priestess to her home to bless the home and read the energy of the third floor. She prays in the room and releases the spirits to the other side. Before the Gullah priestess leaves, she reads Ashley’s palm and hints that big things are in her future. This news gives Ashley a glimmer of hope, and asks about the future of her marriage with Dennis, her high school sweetheart. Without missing a beat, the woman tells Ashley she hasn’t met her soulmate yet. I’m so glad that “soulmate” wasn’t a drinking game word last night, or the Southern Charm franchise would have killed me.



Are we ready for another Southern Charm night? Time to say goodbye to the long holiday weekend and get back into the reality realm.

First up tonight is Southern Charm. Cameran Eubanks and Whitney Sudler-Smith do lunch with Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover and Shep Rose.

Austen Kroll goes golfing with Craig (it seems they keep their clothes on to play golf in Charleston, must only be a Savannah thing). Austen and Craig talk about Shep’s feelings for Chelsea.


It’s Southern Charm night once again! We have all new episodes of Charleston and Savannah!

Tonight on Southern Charm Charleston (or OG), JD is surprised to find out that Kathryn Dennis took his advice on reaching out to Thomas Ravenel. Thomas shares that she has written him a well thought out and well written letter. She apologizes for past issues and even tells Chelsea that she still loves Thomas.


Was it hot on last night’s Southern Charm Savannah or was it just me? And I’m not just talking about a faulty attic fan…temperatures were rising on the back nine at the country club! Prior to Ashley Borders‘ house catching fire, we learn a little about her relationship with husband Dennis. As she heads out for the fateful girls’ night, she admits that she and Dennis wed because she became pregnant with their son. When Izzie was a toddler, the pair divorced only to remarry a few years later for the sake of their son. Ashley reveals that she and Dennis haven’t had a sexual relationship since Izzie was born, but she realizes he was put in her life to save her son from this fire. She sees him in a different light now, and perhaps the flames of love will be rekindled.

Happy McCullough‘s family has been in Savannah for a really, really long time, and clearly she went to Savannah Country Day. While the expectation was she would settle down with a Savannah blue blood like herself, Episcopalian Happy is engaged to Atlanta native Azam who happens to be Muslim.While her very conservative grandmother has been nothing but supportive, her mother has been harder to convince. Happy’s mom dated Daniel’s dad for close to a decade, and he is Jewish. However, Happy’s mother argues that she didn’t marry him. Happy considers Daniel to be her brother even though their parents are no longer together, and he feels badly that her mother won’t come around where Azam is concerned.