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Paris Hilton

Kathy Hilton isn’t the only Hilton hitting our screens this year! While it may be Kathy’s debut into reality TV, viewers instinctively knew to keep a look out for the airhead moments to come. All thanks to her hotel-heiress daughter, Paris Hilton.

Paris broke our brains when she premiered on The Simple Life back in the day. She learned how to do laundry, work in fast food, and what exactly a Walmart is. Bless it. More recently, she gained over 5 million views for a lasagna cooking video posted to YouTube. Our girl has come a long way from making bacon with an iron, that’s for sure.

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Even though most of the couples on the show are a disaster, this is a GREAT season of Life After Lockup. There’s something transfixing about watching their lives crash and burn on television. You can’t look away. Amber returning to the show was quite the shock, but Puppy has a vibe that she should be weary of. She’s going to end up back in prison, so hopefully Amber is out of dodge before that happens.

Last time we saw Lindsey, she uncovered a lot of unnerving truths about Scott. He is nowhere even remotely close to the rich man that he claimed to be. Scott’s sorted past was highly unexpected, and the fallout promises to be intense. Lindsey doesn’t appear to be the type of woman to take this level of deceit with a grain of salt. If Scott isn’t careful, he’s going to find himself on the receiving on of a woman on the warpath.

Whitney Rose Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Whitney Rose is putting it all out there on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the series premiere, viewers saw Whitney renew her marriage vows with her husband of 10 years, Justin Rose. She then took to a stripper pole in her basement to celebrate with her guests. Whitney seems to love stripper poles–there were even strippers at her 1920’s party. I’m sensing a theme here!

Some critics came for Whitney for showcasing her renewal on the first episode of RHOSLC. The couple has a scandalous history. Whitney and Justin met when he was her boss. Justin is quite a bit older than Whitney. They were both married to other people but fell in love and began an affair.

Prime Day 2020 Deals For Reality TV Enthusiasts

2020 hasn’t gone the way any of us expected, but Amazon is something we can all depend on. Prime Day is back October 13 and October 14. Did you remember?

Hopefully. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to get the perfect gift for your friends, family, or even yourself.. This is especially true if she is a reality TV fanatic just like you are.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Our time in the Big Apple is over folks! Another season of The Real Housewives of New York is officially in the books. At times it was a disjointed mess, but no matter what the city that never sleeps is also the city that always delivers. Dorinda Medley’s anger issues are going to be a prominent focus for this final installment. The ladies are trying so hard to get her to face her issues head on, but she’s not having it.

Ramona Singer and Dorinda might be at the end of the road in their friendship. Neither has been impressed with the way the other has acted this season. 2020 must be the year for 20 year friendships to fall apart. It’s a shame that it has to happen like this. However, maybe for some of these friendships it’s for the best. In this kind of environment you can really see who has your back behind your back. Ramona is not a good friend. Period.

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