Reality Tea’s Comment Policy – Do’s And Don’ts Of Participating On The Site

Do: Post your thoughts and opinions about the reality stars and reality shows.

Do: Respect your fellow commenters’ thoughts and opinions.

Do: Flag trolls and/or personal attacks to bring them to a moderator’s attention.

Do: Recognize and accept that Reality Tea is not a fan site (nor a hate site) for any one reality TV star; we welcome all.

Do: Recognize and accept that we can all watch the same show and walk away with a different interpretation of the events.

Do: Acknowledge that Reality Tea reserves the right to delete comments and/or ban users at any time as we see fit.


Don’t: Create more than one Disqus profile.

Don’t: Bash or complain about the Reality Tea writers.

Don’t: Complain about comment moderation.

Don’t: Post spam and/or links to other blogs/websites.

Don’t: Personally attack, harass, or name call other commenters.

Don’t: Post racist, homophobic, xenophobic, abusive, or defamatory comments.

Don’t: Engage trolls or respond to personal attacks; flag them and move on.

Don’t: Post the same comment or argument repeatedly in an attempt to change opinions and/or wear someone down.

Don’t: Copy and paste blocks of text from other blogs/websites; it’s copyrighted.

Don’t: Post personal information (full names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, places of employment, etc.) for yourself or other commenters. Also, don’t solicit this information from other users.


Moderator contact: [email protected]


Last Revised: March 3rd, 2016

Update 5/29/18 – Due to a recent Disqus update, we can no longer see emails/IP addresses in the admin/mod panel, so warnings are no longer given and we can no longer look up your IP/email to help lift a ban already in place. If you have an issue, send us an email at the moderator address.