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Kristin Cavallari Very Cavallari

Southern Charm has always been a bit incestual when it comes to co-stars dating and hooking up. In the beginning, it was like every guy wanted a piece of Kathryn Dennis, with Thomas Ravenel coming out on top (for some reason). Shep Rose is the master of keeping his enemies close, but his exes closer and giving them spots on the show. And even when newbie John Pringle joined the cast last year, he had no problem flirting with Madison LeCroy despite her tumultuous relationship with Austen Kroll.

Now that Craig Conover and Austen are as single as Pringle, they’re living their best life. Craigy seems to be getting cozy with Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo. But who knows now that Naomie Olindo is single again. And Austen has been, well, doing his own thing. The Pillows And Beer pair have been partners-in-crime, embarking on the Summer House Winter Charm spinoff and other endeavors. And they’ve gotten real close with Kristin Cavallari following her dramatic divorce from Jay Cutler. Even though Madison thought the only reason for that friendship was to get under her self-obsessed skin.

Southern Charm

Southern Charm’s last season was … explosive doesn’t even cover it. Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll’s relationship was like a nightmare rollercoaster ride that you couldn’t help but stay on. It was the first season without Cameran Eubanks and a few other OGs, but that didn’t mean they were low on drama. Plus the show covered issues like the Black Lives Matter movement and confederate statues that were major topics in Charleston last summer. All in the midst of a pandemic. It was a lot. 

And now the Southern Charm cast, the boys, in particular, are getting pretty close to the Summer House crew. Fans are anxiously awaiting the mashup with the worst name of all time Summer House Winter Charm. And it looks like Craig Conover might be getting over his recent split with Paige DeSorbo. But all bets are off now that Naomie Olindo is single again. Hopefully, that means she’ll return to the show now that she’s back in the south.

Craig Conover And Naomie Olindo Spoke For The First Time In Three Years Following Naomie’s Breakup With Metual Shah

Craig Conover has been a staple on Southern Charm since the early days. And while he started off the show having a little crush on Kathryn Dennis, his longtime relationship with Naomie Olindo definitely took center stage. While I always rooted for them together, their relationship took a turn for the toxic. His law school lies and love of sewing didn’t mesh with Naomie’s expectations for them as a couple. And their final split (aka when Naomie just WALKED AWAY from Craigy) definitely stung quite a bit.

Naomie then moved on to a new and seemingly perfect relationship with Metul Shah. The two were together for a while, even after Naomie left Southern Charm. She packed her bags and moved to NYC for this man, just to stumble on some “terrible messages” that were the ultimate betrayal. The two split and it’s been hitting Naomie pretty hard, but she headed on back down to Charleston. Because remember, she’s a badass lady who doesn’t need a man who can’t keep it in his pants. Sorry, not sorry.

Summer House Hannah Berner

We’re in the dog days of summer, which means the cast of Summer House is back to spending their weekends at the Hamptons, chugging rosé and LoverBoy until the sun comes up. The last season of Summer House was a doozy. The Good Vibes Tribe was stuck together 24/7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they were feeling the effects of not having any breaks from one another. On top of that, they had to skip out on their massive ragers and one-night stands, so there was little reprieve.

The most polarizing figure on Summer House last season was undoubtedly Hannah Berner. Her strange relationship with Luke Gulbranson had almost everyone in the cast, aside from Hannah’s partner-in-crime Paige DeSorbo, at odds with her. After a very triggering reunion, Hannah decided to skip out on the Hamptons this year, opting for pursuing her stand-up comedy career or whatever. I bet Kyle Cooke is happy that summer WILL BE FUN again because, in his book, Hannah = not fun.

Naomie Olindo Asks Fans To Stop Bashing Metul Shah And Says Split Is “Incredibly Embarrassing”

When Naomie Olindo was a mainstay on Southern Charm, she was a bit of an underrated star. Sure, her relationship with Craig Conover was downright toxic, but I also appreciate a girl who knows what she wants. And for Naomie, that apparently didn’t involve a sewing machine WHATSOEVER. Naomie wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her friends. She called out J.D. Madison to his face for his alleged infidelity. She defended Kathryn Dennis against vicious attacks from supervillain Ashley Jacobs. And she was genuinely friends with members of the cast prior to the show. #JusticeForNaomie

And who could forget Naomie and Craig’s dramatic break-up? It was like a trainwreck you couldn’t stop watching. Naomie seemingly found love with Metul Shah, leading her to depart from Southern Charm in general and move to New York City to be with her man. But, men, why do they always have to be so disappointing? The couple split this week amid rumors that Metul was NOT being faithful to Queen Naomie. I bet even Craig is shaking his head at this, despite the hard feelings.

Craig Conover

Summer 2021 has been a lot of things. Hot girl summer. Vaccinated girl summer. Also the summer where Bravo is really trying to make a Summer House and Southern Charm crossover happen, over and over again. It’s only a matter of time before Summer House Winter Charm premiere, in which Austen Kroll and Craig Conover join the good vibe tribe on a snowy vacation. And now that Craig is single as a (John) Pringle, he’s trading in Charleston bar crawls for Hamptons white parties.

Craig has been having a pretty good year. He opened a pillow store in Charleston, signed a book deal and finally seems to have grown up and found his passion in life. But who knows now that his ex Naomie Olindo appears to be single again if Craigy will go crawling back to his first love, or keep living life Shep Rose style with Austen as his wingman. Only time will tell.

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Wrote A Book Called “Pillow Talk”

Craig Conover has grown quite a lot since the early days of Southern Charm. His lies about law school put his cat Gizmo right in the middle of his toxic relationship with Naomie Olindo. After their split, Craig leaned into his sewing game heavily. Now he’s got his own pillow company and brick-and-mortar store. He also finally opened his own law firm to prove to his naysayers that he really was getting around to finishing law school. Just, at his own pace which definitely wasn’t fast enough for a go-getter like Naomie.

Even his feud with Austen Kroll’s ex Madison LeCroy cooled down a bit. Well, after Craig exposed Madison for her FaceTime dates with Alex Rodriguez that may or may not be responsible for the reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Needless to say, there have been plenty of surprises throughout the seven seasons of the show. The only thing that remains the same these days is Patricia Altschul’s afternoon martini habit.

Craig finally seems to be on the up-and-up after suffering a bit from Peter Pan syndrome. But that seems to be part of the deal when you’re friends with Shep Rose. Now that Shep has grown up a bit, totally credited to his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green, Craig has too. He’s got a podcast with Austen among his new business endeavors and the two will be making an appearance in the Summer House/Southern Charm spinoff, Summer House Winter Charm (that NAME). Craigy’s been living the single life, hanging out with Paige DeSorbo and begging Kristin Cavallari to appear on Southern Charm. And I have to root for him – he can be immature at times but seems to have a good heart. And I only want good things to come for Craig and his pillows.

Hannah Berner Paige DeSorbo Summer House

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, which means the Summer House crew is headed to the Hamptons to drink rosé and party all day. But this time around Hannah Berner will not be joining the Good Vibe Tribe, but to be fair, she’s not the best at making summer fun anymore. Hannah created a lot of nonsense last year, whether it involved her confusing relationship with Luke Gulbranson or getting freaky with fiancé Des Bishop in Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s bathroom. As long as Carl Radke returns every year, with his winning smile and a case of Loverboy in hand, I’ll be happy to watch.

Hannah decided to skip the Hamptons getaway this year so she’ll stick to laying in her own bed with Des while they both stare at their phones. She’s starting a comedy career as well, and who knows if any of the crew will want to go to her stand-up shows, considering the “jokes” she’s made about them. It does beg the question of who will be by Paige DeSorbo’s side this summer, and if Hannah is really ruining any chance of reconciling some of her friendships.