Brittany Santiago

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Some of the most iconic couples from Love After Lockup are back for a new season of Life After Lockup. The initial phase of connecting after prison is one thing. However, the real test is if the relationship can last following that period. Things tend to get harder for the couples. Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are back for another round, so hopefully things are better with her mother.

A few of the biggest hot mess couples are also back. There’s so many this time. None of these relationships are stable or solid. Will Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson fight another season about religion? Should Shane be nervous his pregnant wife Lacey will cozy up to John again? Don’t forget Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons. Will this be the season he finally decides to be a father? Let’s do this!

Lacey Life After Lockup

Our time is already coming to an end with five infamous Life After Lockup couples. What a four-part season it’s been. These particular Life After Lockup couples know how to pack in the drama in a short period of time. The baptism drama between Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson could send them straight to divorce. If they can’t agree on something soon, this is a marriage that won’t make it much longer.

Speaking of marriages not making it, how surprising is it that Lacey and Shane got back together? Not only are they back together, but they’re having a baby! Love triangles and deceit are absolutely the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Also, watching Brittany Santiago’s relationship with her mother fall apart has been so disheartening to witness. They’ve come so far, and now it’s all crumbling to pieces. What a shame.

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

This new season of Life After Lockup is somehow more dramatic during the pandemic than before. Everyone is acting next level crazy and making decisions that could wreck their futures. Lamar Jackson is treading on thing ice right now by letting his stepson be near marijuana. His wife Andrea Edwards is as straight laced as they come, so it’s making an egregious error in judgement by being contact with that lifestyle.

Another pair that never learn from their mistakes are Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons. They’ve been doing the same toxic song and dance for years now. The end result is always the same; drama and heartbreak. His testing Sarah’s limits by not keeping her in the loop about his status for their daughter’s party. She’s going to lose it big time if he actually shows up. If you keep playing with fire Michael, you’re going to get burned. Sarah’s ready to explode.

Angela Life After Lockup
This four-part Life After Lockup event is already sizzling with so much drama. Sarah Simmons is bracing for a possible disaster when Michael Simmons meets her new boyfriend. Who knows how this is going to react. His newfound interest in being an active father might be over before it begins.

The most promising thing about this new Life After Lockup season is Angela finally losing interest in Tony. He’s been so horrible to her for so long. It’s about time she stands up for herself. His affinity for prostitutes and sleazy motels may have cost him the best thing in his life. She’s the only one who cared, and now it may be over. 

Angela Love After Lockup

Some of the craziest couples from Love After Lockup are back for an all-new season of Life After Lockup. Tony has a lot of making up to do if he wants any shot with Angela. How many times is she going to forgive this man for his cheating? Lacey constantly finds herself caught between John and Shane, so maybe this season she’ll learn the art of monogamy. Probably not, but it’s worth the wish.

After losing the fight to keep her family in Utah, Andrea Edwards must settle into her new L.A. life with Lamar Jackson. Good luck dealing with her Lamar! It’s going to be a constant struggle. One thing that hasn’t changed is the constant drama between Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons. Unfortunately because of their kids, she can’t just cut the cord on that relationship. Speaking of kids, Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are expecting again!

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Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Another season of Life After Lockup is in the books! This was by far the craziest season we have ever seen. Lacey and Michael Simmons take the term love triangle to the next level. The way these two are able to manipulate everyone in their lives is next level fascinating. They aren’t the only ones brewing up some trouble though. Tracie Wagaman’s refusal to go to rehab is making Clint Brady’s life a living hell.

On last week’s episode, Angela removed Tony from his bachelor party. Surely, there is no way this wedding is going to continue as planned. Right? That might be an epic mistake for the queen of the trailer park. Another high pressure situation going down is the living arrangement of Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson. What’s it going to be? Los Angeles, or Utah? 

Sarah Life After Lockup
Life After Lockup is almost over, and things are getting so spicy. Somehow Lacey is still successfully playing two men and leaving both pining after her. She is great at what she does. I’ll leave it at that. Also, how crazy is it that Angela is still marrying Tony? It’s a little shocking that she hasn’t kicked him to the curb, He is a USER who will NEVER change. Angela would be wall advice to do that rather quickly at this point.

The one storyline that still shocks me every week is the Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons  drama. There is so much at stake, and neither of them wants to fully accommodate the others. That’s no tall task! Them having sex is going to be such a game-changer. Well, we’ll see I suppose. The other crazy story right now is Tracie Wagaman refusal to seek help for her ongoing addiction. It would be nice if she fixed herself, but she seems determined to remain a mess.