Below Deck Sailing

Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the unrefined spinoff of its highly successful counterpart, Below Deck.  Yes, the boat is beautiful, and yes any of us plebs would be lucky to charter it.  But it’s hardly the same luxury experience that we’ve seen previously.  It would interest a sailing enthusiast, and that’s certainly a reason to tune in.

The views are breathtaking, but the parties and excursions have been a little underwhelming.  Crew drama is really what keeps us coming back for more.  And this bunch is bickering and imploding.  Madison Stalker and Parker McCown are mouthing off to their superiors which gives Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray lots of fodder to then snark over with Chef Adam Glick.  Tensions are building for sure, and will escalate into larger conflicts.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Madison Stalker

Ahhhh… we are midway through the charter season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As well known from previous iterations of Below Deck, this means a time of shifting loyalties, relationships beginning to either fray or cement, and crew-wide fatigue.

Over on the rockiest beach in the world, Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick arrive prepared to host a beach BBQ for the guests only to find what looks like a hoarder emptied their storage shed on the shore. What reality show is this?!

Ciara Duggan and Madison Stalker have been there for 4 hours but it might as well have been 4 years. They look like they just escaped a shipwreck and were required to use Madison’s bra as a fishing net. They are sweaty, burnt, hobbling around creatures surprised to recognize other forms of human life (or perhaps disappointed that those human lives were Adam and Jenna?). This is what being off the boat unsupervised does for a yachtie!

Now it’s T-30 minutes until the guests, dressed for dinner at the country club, arrive and nary an umbrella is unfolded. Jenna is in overdrive, panic mode. OK, seriously, what the eff was going on that island all day? 

Jenna MacGillivray Below Deck Sailing Yacht

There is a new episode Below Deck Sailing Yacht on tonight. And it picks up right where last week’s episode left off. Madison Stalker and Ciara Duggan failed to set up a beach picnic for the charter guests. They did not seem remotely concerned that they got nothing done nor did they provide a reason for coming up short. With all of her sailboat experience, I expect more from Ciara.

Thankfully, Chef Adam Glick and Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray show up to get things together before the guests show up. I don’t understand the disconnect between pleasing the guests and receiving a generous tip at the end of the charter. This should be pretty logical, but, apparently, that is not the case.

Ciara Duggan Below Deck Sailing Yacht

I’m not gonna lie, it gives me discomfort to watch Ciara Duggan and Paget Berry’s relationship on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As a self-proclaimed reality TV expert, I know that it doesn’t usually make great television to show a couple getting along. I’m sure there’s some cute footage of these two sitting on the editing room floor. We will just never see that on TV.

Nevertheless, the footage that we have seen on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been so awkward. These two don’t seem to have the best working relationship. On top of that, Ciara claims that she is unbothered by Paget’s flirtation with Georgia Grobler. Meanwhile, she could not look any more bothered if she tried. It seems like this relationship is pretty rocky. But, will they stick it out and continue their shared life of living and working together? Or will the collaboration end at the conclusion of this charter season? It’s tough to say, but, apparently, these two are quarantined together in Italy, waiting for the end of the coronavirus outbreak.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Parker McCown

I have so many conflicting feelings about what’s going on with Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Like is everyone conspiring against Madison Stalker? Are Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick both psychotics who deserve each other? Is Parker McCown a secret serial killer, ala Patrick Bateman. I know it’s not popular but you guys — I just get a bad feeling about him. I mean, I basically get a bad feeling about everyone except for Captain Glenn Shephard and Byron Hissey. So maybe that’s the problem?

I definitely DO NOT have good feelings about the new Below Deck Sailing charter guest Yana, and her, um… diet and cat noises? Is her brain so deprived from lack of food she can’t form complete thoughts which is why she just says “meow”?

Jenna is crying on a dock after begging Adam to sleep with her. They’ve been ‘dating,’ in the loose manor of yacht dating, for the equivalency of 2 charters. Possibly 2 and a half. It is not. that. serious. Adam turns her down because he’s trying to retain some small vestige of professionalism (GO ADAM), and Jenna freaks out that he’s icing her out by putting up emotional walls. Jenna claims she just wants to get closer to him — so how about asking about his childhood, instead of using bumping uglies as a bandaid for actual intimacy. Seems a little… immature, no?

Jenna MacGillivray Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Last week’s episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht ended with Jenna MacGillivray having a major meltdown when Adam Glick didn’t want to have sex with her in a hotel room. As if getting rejected wasn’t tough enough, Jenna made things a lot worse for herself.

And she continues to spiral tonight. Jenna tells Adam, “I’m not actually taking this shit. This is f*cking bullshit.” Adam tells her, “Here we go. Here’s the real girl. You don’t just break down on a dock for no fucking good reason.” This is so much drama for two people who have never actually hooked up.

Jenna MacGillivray Below Deck Sailing Yacht

I didn’t think there ever would come a time when I would take Adam Glick‘s side on anything, but on last night’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht that moment came. I am permanently imbedded with second-hand embarrassment for Jenna MacGillivray after she begged Adam to have sex with her, then told him he’d end up living alone in a van for rejecting her. Girl… it’s not that he’s not that into you, it’s that he’s actually trying to respect you by not putting it IN you before you’ve even had a first date.

It’s ironic that Jenna is complaining that Madison Stalker is moody and overly-emotional when one minute Jenna seems happy to be hanging out with Adam, and the next she’s throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t want to bang her in Greece’s answer to Motel 6. This should be a compliment!! It’s like the opposite of Tinder hooking up. It’s like ‘I want to get to know you like this is 1886 and we’re in a Jane Austen novel.’ It’s like be happy!!

But first lets discuss the latest disgusting pile of bruh’s to land on Below Deck: the nauti boys from Jersey. It sounds like a 1990’s boy band, and I do believe there were a few frosted tips in the greased hair to complete the image.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Adam Glick Jenna MacGillivray

The sexual tension between chef Adam Glick and chief stew Jenna MacGillivray has been taking over the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Aside from talking shit about the other crew members, these two are all abou the PDA, even though they haven’t actually hooked up yet.

Obviously, this isn’t gonna end well. And I doubt they’re gonna get sympathy from their co-stars when their attempt a boatmance goes south. Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler do not think Jenna is a good leader or a nice person. Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan have their own relationship issues to focus on. Basically, it’s a matter of time until Adam and Jenna’s relationship destructs. In fact, Jenna and Adam get into a heated disagreement on tonight’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht episode.