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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Adam Glick Jenna MacGillivray

Compared to other iterations of the franchise, the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been relatively smooth sailing so far. Chef Adam Glick has garnered consistent praise Captain Glenn Shephard. All the charter guests have left with a smile on their face. Love is even in the air! At least for now.

From the first episode, we saw chief stew Jenna MacGillivray and Adam hit it off. What started off as friendly flirting quickly became one of the biggest storylines of the season. Some of the staff, namely Madison Stalker, are finding their relationship unprofessional as things heat up.

Below Deck

Many Below Deck fans were upset when Kate Chastain announced her departure from the show. In contrast, there were a couple stews who were probably relieved.

No one can blame her for being done with those long hours and all of the cleaning. However, Kate does enjoy providing her commentary, which is something the viewers will miss. Recently, Kate teased that she will be back on TV soon. In the meantime, she has another project starting up.

Jenna MacGillivray Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Madison Stalker and Jenna MacGillivray started the season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht on good terms.  Madison’s professional ability was evident, and Jenna trusted her second stew’s performance.  At some point, maybe due to exhaustion and her unrequited crush on Parker McCown, Madison started to express frustration and negativity towards her work and her boss.

Of course, Jenna didn’t help things by constantly complaining about Madison to her moody counterpart, Adam Glick.  Maybe it was footage slicing, but Jenna seemed to make a beeline for the galley to complain the moment anything happened with Madison or Parker.  The mid-season trailer indicates that the tensions will continue to escalate, maybe even to the point where someone is fired.  Will Jenna and Madison be able to work things out?

Madison Stalker Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Madison Stalker is definitely struggling both professionally and emotionally.  According to her boss, Jenna MacGillivray, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Second Stew has been under-performing at her job.  Jenna suggests it’s a time management issue as Madison stays up into the wee hours in the hopes of running into crush Parker McCown.  Unfortunately for Madison, he’s just not that into her.  This epiphany is only going to fuel her negativity further.

Madison sees it as Jenna giving her brusque orders without managing the team well.  Jenna also flirts with Chef Adam Glick CONSTANTLY.  Their sexual innuendo permeates the boat, which leaves the rest of the crew feeling like they are interrupting something.  Actually that question comes up a lot.  It’s a small boat.  The tension between Jenna and Madison came to a peak when Jenna expressed her frustrations to Captain Glenn Shephard .

Paget Berry Ciara Duggan Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Relationships went bang and fizzled on last night’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The good news is Jenna MacGillivray finally got her wish to f–ck Adam Glick! Cue a marching band to play in their honor. The bad news is Jenna also f–ked Georgia Grobler‘s ex-boyfriend, Johan. Yo, Johan, wherever you are we need a Below Deck cameo immediately! Identify yourself.

Also this is a cautionary tale of why you do not stalk ancient instagram photos of your ex. A) You might accidentally ‘like’ one of his 3,000 year old photos, thus outing yourself as a stalker. B) You might discover that your ex is also the ex of your current boss. Tres Awkward! Especially when current boss is now dating your other current boss, who is none too happy about the spit you swaped with previous companions.

And oh man is Georiga swapping the spit this episode!

There’s A Threesome Proposition On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Tonight

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is back with a new episode tonight. And things are heating up. Of course, Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray is still on Madison Stalker’s case for being “unprofessional.” That’s laughable considering that Jenna and Adam Glick are kissing and touching each other in the middle of the workday.

Parker McCown tries to be there for Madison, advising her to tell Jenna “to back the f*ck off.” Something tells me that approach would not go over well. At all. Plus, I doubt that Madison wants any advice from her crush who is super into his ex-girlfriend. Oh, and he invited her to visit.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the unrefined spinoff of its highly successful counterpart, Below Deck.  Yes, the boat is beautiful, and yes any of us plebs would be lucky to charter it.  But it’s hardly the same luxury experience that we’ve seen previously.  It would interest a sailing enthusiast, and that’s certainly a reason to tune in.

The views are breathtaking, but the parties and excursions have been a little underwhelming.  Crew drama is really what keeps us coming back for more.  And this bunch is bickering and imploding.  Madison Stalker and Parker McCown are mouthing off to their superiors which gives Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray lots of fodder to then snark over with Chef Adam Glick.  Tensions are building for sure, and will escalate into larger conflicts.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Madison Stalker

Ahhhh… we are midway through the charter season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As well known from previous iterations of Below Deck, this means a time of shifting loyalties, relationships beginning to either fray or cement, and crew-wide fatigue.

Over on the rockiest beach in the world, Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick arrive prepared to host a beach BBQ for the guests only to find what looks like a hoarder emptied their storage shed on the shore. What reality show is this?!

Ciara Duggan and Madison Stalker have been there for 4 hours but it might as well have been 4 years. They look like they just escaped a shipwreck and were required to use Madison’s bra as a fishing net. They are sweaty, burnt, hobbling around creatures surprised to recognize other forms of human life (or perhaps disappointed that those human lives were Adam and Jenna?). This is what being off the boat unsupervised does for a yachtie!

Now it’s T-30 minutes until the guests, dressed for dinner at the country club, arrive and nary an umbrella is unfolded. Jenna is in overdrive, panic mode. OK, seriously, what the eff was going on that island all day?