Billie Lee


Lindsay Lohan just wrapped the first and only season of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Her show was billed as a Vanderpump Rules style show. Which was somewhat true as the cast mostly partied and got into fights. 

However, Lindsay wasn’t around as much in the boss role like Lisa Vanderpump. Instead, the witty and fabulous Panos Spentzos was in charge. Andy Cohen, get Panos his own show stat! There’s no word yet if Lindsay’s show is going to get picked up for a second season. But if it does, it doesn’t seem like the cast of Vanderpump Rules is shaking in their boots. Especially Scheana Marie.

Raquel Leviss

Last night’s Vanderpump Rules was one of the most boring and utterly pointless (re: contrived) episodes we’ve seen in a long time. Clearly this season is running out of steam if the major happenings are Raquel Leviss trying – and failing – to invite people to a “Puppy Shower” for her dog, or Lala Kent having a low-grade panic attack after too many edibles drinks in Mexico.

Like really, how many times can we watch Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark have the same whiny crying fight with their puffy hung-over faces and snotty tears? UGH. How many times can we watch Katie Maloney make fun of Tom 2‘s dick. I mean, we get it – sometimes it’s invisible, other times hidden behind a mini bag of Lays Potato Chips. And honestly how many times can we watch James Kennedy grovel for acceptance and forgiveness? James let your self-esteem be like Tom 2’s peen – a grower, not a show-er.


Apparently, the Vanderpump Rules reunion for Season 7 was quite a doozy. In the past, we’ve seen Scheana Marie cry about the demise of her marriage to Mike Shay. We’ve been entertained by James Kennedy crawling across the floor whilst imitating Stassi Schroeder’s return to the show. We’ve witnessed Katie Maloney be a refreshing ray of sunshine Katie Maloney.

Through it all, Lisa Vanderpump has tried to corral the group of level 10 messes thirtysomethings into people who can somehow provide a lasting impact on humanity. Or at least steer clear of a social disease outbreak worthy of a CDC visit. That said, this reunion is evidently one for the record books. Lots of intensity and maybe some physical contact has appeared on the menu, courtesy of your SUR servers.

Raquel Leviss

Lala Kent is on an absolute path of destruction this season on Vanderpump Rules. She is demolishing anyone that stands in her way. So far this season we’ve seen her attack James Kennedy, Billie Lee, and poor Raquel Leviss. She seems to especially pick on Raquel who has done nothing more than simply stand by her man. Is wanting to believe in the person you love really that awful?

A lot has changed in Lala’s life recently which could explain the change in behavior. Her altered attitude can be attributed to her father’s death, and going public with Randall Emmett. However, do those things mean she gets a free pass? Has Lala actually changed? Or are people simply jealous that she has a PJ? Thankfully, the Bambi eyed bitch Raquel is shedding a light on Lala’s new attitude.


Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has lived up to her hashtag #GiveThemLala this season. And not in a good way either. It seems like every week Lala has screamed and wagged her finger into the faces of Billie Lee, Raquel Leviss or James Kennedy. 

She viciously attacked all three cast members during Billie’s brunch event at SUR. Raquel unknowingly lit the fuse to the ticking time bomb when she mentioned that Lala can’t use her dad’s death as an excuse for her behavior. And… kaboom! Lala went off on Raquel, Billie, and James #GiveThemCrazy. After the altercations, Brittany Cartwright was there to calm her down. 

Vanderpump Rules in Mexico

Considering that the cast of Vanderpump Rules was in Mexico, drinking their pants off (literally), it’s pretty surprising that last night’s episode was mostly mellow and drama-free.

The only drama was drunk Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark cry-whining at each other about their relationship values (aka – when, where and at what time it’s acceptable to get wasted), and Beau is so the guy who wipes his snot with the back of his hand, or the corner of his pillow, instead of using a tissue. And Stassi she is so the type who uses an actual human to wipe her snot and blow her nose on, because people are no better than Kleenex. Like Stassi said, “I never get FOMO,” because in Stassi’s world she causes the FOMO. GET THE MEMO, BEAU!

Lisa Vanderpump Opens Cocktail Garden In Vegas- Photos


Lisa Vanderpump’s empire just keeps on growing! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG and Vanderpump Rules star just opened up the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas.

The event was very Lisa with touches of pink everywhere for the big opening. Lisa’s husband Ken Todd was there, of course. So were their two kids Pandora Vanderpump and Max Todd. And once again, I’m wondering why they have different last names. But I’ve digressed. Pretty much everyone from the Vanderpump Rules cast was there. Even Lisa’s beloved dog Giggy. However, there was only one Real Housewife of Beverly Hills at the opening.

Lala Kent

The Queen of Ass Class, Lala Kent had a pretty major meltdown in the doorway to SUR a few weeks ago on Vanderpump Rules.

I read somewhere that a girl’s nails might determine her level of crazy.  And while I know the post was in good fun, I can’t help but think there might be some truth to it. Because Lala went full-blown mental on Raquel Leviss and Billie Lee.