Christian Hubicki

Exclusive Interview: Survivor: David vs. Goliath’s Christian:

There’s no one quite like Christian Hubicki. The robotics scientist and professor from Tallahassee, Florida started off as one of the more – shall we say – “unique” members of the David tribe. He quickly became a rare Survivor sensation: the sort of player that is considered one of the most well-liked contestants ever to play the game. We’re talking Rupert Boneham or Joe Anglim-level love. And that’s just from the perspective of mass popularity. He is also is one of the smartest, most intellectual players we’ve ever seen. He’s in the category with John Cochran or Stephen Fishbach.

For those mourning the loss of Christian from the game, don’t fret…he will be back on Survivor at some point. Mark my words. Because it wasn’t just that he was the ideal strategic player, or that he was just funny (and he was down-right hilarious), but he also perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the quintessential David, the under-dog worth rooting for. And yes, I used the big 14-letter-word “quintessential” to impress Christian himself, should he be reading this.

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