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Austen Kroll Southern Charm

This season of Southern Charm seems to have a very new vibe. There’s a new cast, but there’s also a new energy. Maybe it’s because three of our main ladies have exited stage left. In their place, we’ve added Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle. John has almost immediately started trying to swoop in on cast-mate Austen Kroll’s girlfriend, Madison LeCroy

Unsurprisingly, Austen is starting to get pissy with John and seemingly the other guys. He’s also been majorly dishing his true thoughts on his other cast members recently.

Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm

The new season of Southern Charm has been eventful so far with the introduction of Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle. Neither are shy about giving their opinions, and they’re the shakeup the show needed. Pringle’s infatuation with Madison LeCroy is absolutely going to lead to a feud with Austen Kroll. It’s so messy and so dramatic, but that’s why we love this show. MORE PLEASE!

Kathryn Dennis has been toying with the possibility of making things work with Thomas Ravenel. However, she has to know that’s a horrible idea? Right? What could she be thinking? Going down that road again with Thomas surely is not going to end well for either of them. Something needs to go down that ends them forever. As horrible as that sounds, it’s the only way she will learn her lesson. Here’s hoping!

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte joined Southern Charm as a close friend of Cameran Eubanks‘, who claims she left the series months before Kathryn Dennis spread rumors about her husband cheating on her. Nevertheless, I can’t help assuming Cam bailed after Kathryn finally gave her a storyline.

Obviously, Leva isn’t Kathryn’s biggest fan. She’s also not a fan of Kathryn’s wardrobe, which is understandable. No shade, but shade.

Southern Charm Alum Cameran Eubanks Wrote A Book

Many Southern Charm fans miss Cameran Eubanks narrating the show. Some people are hating on her for quitting as soon as Kathryn Dennis brought up rumors about her husband Jason Wimberly cheating.

Even so, for the most part, Cam has been relatively unscathed throughout her reality TV career, which started on MTV’s The Real World. On Southern Charm, she spent most of her time commenting on other people’s lives, keeping hers pretty private. But, perhaps, she was waiting to open up until she could share her story on her own terms.

Austen Kroll Southern Charm

During last week’s episode of Southern Charm, Patricia Altschul encouraged new cast member John Pringle to pursue Madison LeCroy… even though Madison was dating Austen Kroll.

Patricia doesn’t think that Austen is good enough for Madison and she dissed his beer company, saying that Madison deserves “Budweiser” instead, I.e. Madison deserves someone with more money and stability. Well, Austen didn’t take too kindly to that and he shaded Patricia’s business pursuits in response.

Craig Talks About Leva Bonaparte Joining Southern Charm; Says Former Cast Members Weren’t As Transparent

Ba-ba-doo. Southern Charm is back and looking very different this year. Since ending last season, none of us are the same. There’s been COVID-19 outbreaks, the BLM movement, and an entire election. If you’ve been somehow stayed off of social media and the reality news through all this, let me catch you up. So far, Kathryn Dennis cried that she was called racist for using an obviously racist monkey emoji towards a black woman. Fucking YIKES. Also, her ex-, Thomas Ravenel, was literally FORCED (not compelled) to apologize for sexually assaulting their nanny.

This show is trash and packed with scum. Literally episodes had to be taken down due to the amount of racist and cringe they depicted. This season, however, we welcome Iranian mother, Leva Bonaparte who has seemingly buddied up Craig Conover in the first few episodes. By the way, am I the only one finding this season completely scripted and weird?

John Pringle Southern Charm

Alright. I’m just going to come out strong. Southern Charm’s newest dude, John Pringle, is fucking weird. He’s a quiet lurch-type that is supposedly “flirty” with all the girls, but like, is he? He’s literally just, there. All the men call him a ladies man…I don’t see it. Either way, there have been more than a few hints that John and Austen Kroll’s  girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, have a budding relationship.

I know that sounds really dramatic, but it’s not. When you see that all it took for John to steal Madison’s attention was showing up to a beer fest in a jean jacket, its like…pretty sad. She’s swooning over him telling him her boyfriend would look girly in a jacket like that. *crying face emoji* WHUT!? This guy couldn’t be less interesting. The big drama Patricia Altshul has schemed up this year is masterminding a love story between Madison and John because they both have kids. I’m seriously already so bored. I’m also petrified to ask these trash people to do more.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

Southern Charm is back, and it might be one of the best season’s yet. New cast members Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle are already bringing a fresher vibe that the show really needed. They’re on the path to make up for the slew of cast members we lost prior to the season. One thing that hasn’t changed however is how shady Shep Rose can be. It’s definitely looking like he purposely set up Madison LeCroy at his party.

Another source of tension in the group right now is Kathryn Dennis starting a rumor about Cameran Eubanks and her husband Jason Whimberly. Whether the cheating allegations are true or not remain to be seen, but she definitely did this with malicious intent. It’s wild that this was enough to send Cameran packing from the show. That kind of exit makes you wonder if the rumors were in fact true. We’re in for a crazy season.