D’Andra Simmons

D'Andra Simmons

This season of Real Housewives Of Dallas has turned D’Andra Simmons into a ball of palpable vibrating ragemotions bursting open at the seems. Instead of hard night good morning, it’s become hard night bad day, and the stress of dealing with Mama Dee, plus financial strain has turned D’Andra into the type of woman who wears an ugly hat to hide her ugly intentions while sitting on a park bench accusing her best friend’s fiance of cheating. To quote Kameron Westcott in any and all situations, “Girl, what are you doing, girl?”

And what is D’Andra Simmons doing!? I mean, first of all, who would wear a fashion accessory that literally manifests your shady behavior? And what purpose does it serve to ruin LeeAnne Lockens happiness by accusing Rich of cheating (which I do not even believe)? Now I am not one to defend LeeAnne – ever – but D’Andra, that hat is the least of your problems!

LeeAnne apologizes to D'Andra

Is anyone else having trouble keeping all the drama straight on Real Housewives of Dallas lately? It feels like it has turned into one of those she said that I said that you said that so and so did this and that but then you said such and such and.. on and on and on. My brain hurts. But, LeeAnne Locken is weighing in on the messy episode from last week. She has some “advice” for D’Andra Simmons and slams her obsession with money.

LeeAnne starts off, “When I said I didn’t feel like Cary Deuber had a side with me at all it’s because Cary and I are still getting to know one another. I wouldn’t expect her to side with me on anything at this point because she has no idea if that honest loyalty will be returned. Cary telling D’Andra Simmons what I said was very unexpected, however, in the smash room when I confronted her and said – “That’s NOT how I said it” she agreed and told me that she told D’Andra I was just trying to help her. Which is WHY I felt led to believe, looking back at the anger room, that D’Andra was ACTING! If someone told you it was said but not with bad intentions, why lose your mind and tell the whole group? I felt it was a bit over the top even for an extreme exaggerator such as D’Andra.”

D'Andra confesses financial woes to LeeAnne

Real Housewives of Dallas is about more than just petty feuds and product promotion. Some of the women actually use this platform to talk about significant issues. D’Andra Simmons opened up about surviving domestic violence in a serious relationship with the hope that her honesty will encourage others to do the same.

Brandi receives a visit from the social worker

I know folks are torn as to whether the Real Housewives of Dallas lives up to the rest of the franchise. I’m here to tell you that it does. The most pure and ridiculous friendship ever lived out on Bravo belongs to Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. Cary Deuber’s look changes so often, she may as well be a chameleon. Kameron Wescott is the real life version of a nice(r) Regina George if Regina George was friends with Cher on Clueless. And LeeAnne Locken. The carnival. Enough said. To say I’m enjoying this season so far would be an understatement.

And speaking of Clueless, this past episode had me thinking of one iconic quote. “My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose…” “Well, there goes your social life!” Ladies and gents, the RHOD girls were super stressed about fake testicles, and it caused all kinds of drama.

Real Housewives Of Dallas - Brandi is hurt by Cary & Kameron

Every episode of Real Housewives Of Dallas is like a game of Fast and Furious – it’s action-packed, moves like a designer-dressed ninja squad (or Mean Girls the never grown up years) and by the end of the day they’re all friends and wearing monogrammed pajamas. At least no K-Cups were harmed in the making of this episode; baby kangaroos on the other hand…

Stephanie Hollman decided that after these girls smashed heavy artillery and saw what it was like to work for a living – I mean, can Jesus fix a broken nail?! – they all need a recuperating spa day. Also, she hopes to smash back down any bad feelings which popped up in their therapeutic bashing session.

I mean, nice idea, Stephanie but there’s no way Brandi Redmond is forgetting how LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott called her a bad influence and warned D’Andra Simmons away from her. Besides, all that “talk” started at the rodeo with LeeAnne having a little pep talk with Kameron about the type of gal Brandi is!

D’Andra Simmons Says “Running A Balloon Stand” Was LeeAnne Locken’s Only “Career Move”

Most of the time, it’s entertaining when Housewives argue with each other. The demise of D’Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken’s friendship is just not one of those times. It’s clear that these two are not on good terms at all these days and that their drama goes way beyond filming The Real Housewives of Dallas.

D’Andra joined the show as LeeAnne’s best friend during Season 2, but it’s clear that these two will be arguing with each other from opposing couches when they film the Season 3 reunion…. unless there’s some sort of miracle.

Brandi confronts Kameron and LeeAnne
During the last episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, we found out that LeeAnne Locken talked to Cary Deuber about D’Andra Simmons’ finances off camera. This was because of the (seemingly staged) conversation Cary and D’Andra had on camera.
Then D’Andra had another on-camera conversation with the entire Real Housewives of Dallas cast about having $200 in “one of her bank accounts.” Why would Cary and D’Andra bring this up on camera if they wanted to keep it private? Are they just trying to “keep it real” and show the viewers everything that was going on at that time? Or is it for the sake of a storyline? The jury is still out on that one.

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