Daniel Valentine

Daniel Love After Lockup

I have to admit, Love After Lockup is my ultimate guilty pleasure. While housewives will always have a special place in my heart, I’m not exactly embarrassed to admit that I watch it. Love After Lockup? I need to feel people out before actually admitting how into this show I am. I don’t know if it’s the dysfunction or the sheer anticipation of who is going to get used. But it’s quite the combo.

One couple that I just knew deep down wouldn’t make it was Daniel Valentine and Lizzy Copeland. How did I know? Well, it didn’t exactly take a genius to figure it out. Plus, it’s never a good sign when your relationship is reduced to having sex on the laundry room floor. But really, Lizzy seemingly struggled with alcohol and Daniel with drugs. That’s a hard combination to overcome for anyone, much less a newly freed inmate and his fiancé.

Lacey Love After Lockup

The supersized Love After Lockup finale has arrived! WHAT A SEASON IT HAS BEEN. Everything is wrapping up, and we will see which couples actually make it. For some reason, Angela took back Tony. She loves his body, but COME ON. Leave the man! Cheryl and Josh are another couple who are together still despite all the drama. Certainly, those two aren’t meant to be together.

The biggest source of drama this season on Love After Lockup has been between Lacey, John, and Shane. She played these men perfectly all season. However, now we find out if she will actually walk down the aisle with Shane. John is very much a factor with the potential paternity looming. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, Amber came to the realization more than ever that Vince isn’t her future. Will she call it quits, or will she stick it out for Puppy and her mom?

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Love After Lockup delivers so much sizzling drama every week. It’s hard not to get invested in the love triangle between Lacey, John, & Shane. She’s successfully played both men all season, and it’s so entertaining. However, on last week’s episode, she finally made a commitment to Shane. Only time will tell if it was the right choice. Lizzy and Daniel are also engaged. Who volunteers to tell his mother THAT?

Amber is still conning Vince, but now it’s time for him to meet her family. Will her family see through the con, or will Vince himself finally catch on? Angela and Tony have reunited which sucks for her friend, but shes made her choice. Angela somehow believes Tony is being honest with his intentions. Can she trust Tony after how he’s treated her?

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences
Love After Lockup is bringing IT all season. Has there been a dud at all? NOPE! Lacey’s love triangle continues to give the entire world life with its messiness. John is out of prison, but it seems like Lacey’s made up her mind with Shane. This episode should give viewers some clarity on the situation. Also, somehow, Angela and Tony are still trying to make things work. Stop playing and break up!

On last week’s episode it was revealed that Amber has been conning Vince the entire time! The fallout of this hustle is going to be so thrilling to watch. Lizzy may not be pregnant, but she might be married soon. Daniel has plans to propose, despite his mother’s warnings against it. If he goes through with the proposal, he may ruin his relationship with his mom forever.

Love After Lockup Recap: Love Or Con?
The drama on Love After Lockup has escalated to entirely new level lately. Angela is back in this episode which is kind of shocking. It seemed like her story wrapped up when Tony went back to prison. Lizzy and Daniel had a huge pregnancy scare on last week’s episode, but it was thankfully negative. The last thing THOSE TWO need is a kid getting into the mix right now.

America’s favorite love triangle is getting even crazier as well. Shane proposed to Lacey, and she said yes. However, shortly after she flipped out and attacked him. Glorietta and Alex might not be able to survive if her mother doesn’t stay out of their business. The biggest question looming hopefully gets answered in this episode though. Who is conning who? Vince or Amber?

Lacey Love After Lockup
Time is running out for Lacey on Love After Lockup. On last week’s episode, it became clear that her con is reaching the end of the road. Once John gets out of jail, she has a megawatt choice to make. Will she choose her fiance or her new fling Shane? THE ANTICIPATION IS INTENSE.

However, Lacey isn’t the only person facing some difficulty on Love After Lockup these days. Lizzy’s past is threatening to ruin her future fairytale with Daniel. Cheryl is begging for a wedding with Josh, but it is looking unlikely. Will they breakup? Vince and Amber continue to ride the awkward train. Will this episode be the one where they finally call it quits?

Alex Love After Lockup
The crazy train has arrived this season on Love After Lockup. All of these couples make the most irrational decisions ever, but it’s the BEST television. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, Lacey and Shane finally got intimate. However, she has a whole fiance in lockup right now. John isn’t going to react well to any of this. Speaking of crazy, is Alex really going to marry Glorietta? OOF.

Tony is in police custody, and Angela is ready for some answers. Will she actually get any, or will Tony continue to dodge? The latter sounds the most plausible. Vince and Amber’s relationship is the most awkward thing on TV, but compelling. It’s hard to decipher who is conning who. Someone is being shady, but the question remains about WHO.

Lizzy Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup continues to be the GOAT of reality TV every week. On last week’s episode, things got even crazier. Angela officially received word that Tony has been arrested. Her fairy tale dreams are coming to an end. She ignored every red flag, and this is the end result. Following last week’s incident with Amber’s friend, Vince has a lot of explaining to do. What’s his end game?

Speaking of endgame, what is the deal with Lacey? Who will she choose? Does she even want John or Shane? Is this an elaborate game? Until John gets out we might not know. She needs to decide soon though. These men are undoubtedly growing impatient with this. FIX YOUR LIFE LACEY.