David Purselle

Married To Medicine Recap: Food For Thought

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, was packed with the drama we have come to expect from this group. I have accepted the reason the show works is that half of the cast hates one another. Who really wants to watch a group of women who never fight? If that was the case, we wouldn’t have reality TV.

Jackie Walters butts heads with Curtis Berry over the costs of their renovations. Contessa Metcalfe gives her father a new smile courtesy of Heavenly Kimes. Simone Whitmore, and Cecil Whitmore give their son Miles a wake-up call about his future. Quad Webb-Lunceford celebrates her birthday and new cookbook. Let’s get straight into the Married To Medicine recap!

Married To Medicine Recap: Showdown In Savannah

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine focused on the fallout from the beginning on the trip. Two ladies vicious feud is affecting all of the ladies. This episode goes right to the heart of the matter. Will the elephant in the room get addressed or will things continue to go downhill with the group?

Any progress made during the weekend comes to a halt after the argument on the bus. Jackie Walters reaches her breaking point.  Contessa Metcalfe ponders Jackie’s advice to pursue couples counseling. Mariah Huq sets out to prove her innocence from the drug accusations. Let’s get straight into the drama!

Married To Medicine Recap: Girl Code, Interrupted

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine was basically more drama with this group. I have never seen friends take one step forward only to take three steps backward.  I don’t think this group will ever truly get along with one another unless you split them in two groups. But one can hope they mature one day.

The ladies head to Savannah for a girls’ trip. Heavenly Kimes takes out her frustration on Toya Bush-Harris. Mariah Huq goes after the group for perpetuating lies against her. Jackie Walters attempts to save a disastrous trip. Let’s get straight into the drama!

Married To Medicine Recap: Naked And Not Afraid

Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, was interesting to say the least. One wild party has implications throughout the episode.  There is never a dull moment when these ladies get together.

Toya Bush-Harris shocks the ladies with her idea for an art class. Heavenly Kimes decides not to tell Damon Kimes about Toya’s birthday party. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore give the boys a safe-sex talk.  Jackie Walters does some sexual research for a new project.