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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Denise Richards

We’re off to the races with yet another season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it seems like this season has a chance of being as great as the good old days. Last year, despite the show successfully attracting plenty of viewers, was hard to watch. The group ganged up on everyone’s favorite raggamuffin Denise Richards after she wouldn’t admit to hooking up with Brandi Glanville. Brandi really finally thought she had a shot at getting a diamond back in her hand by outing Denise. But in the end, Denise has the last laugh (with a Casamigos in hand) because she’s a real-life successful actress with a happy family. And Brandi is just begging for Bravo to give her a check any way they can. And now blaming the whole rumor on her only friend Kim Richards.

Denise graced us with her presence on RHOBH and while she didn’t always tell the truth, she was a lot of fun. Whether it was talking about her husband Aaron Phypers getting happy endings or screaming the iconic words “Bravo Bravo F–king Bravo,” she was good housewife material. But after the mean girl gang made her hookup rumors the only storyline of the season, it’s no wonder she said “peace” and left the show for good. At least Garcelle Beauvais was there to be a kind and true friend to Denise, or she would’ve been alone to fend for herself.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Teddi Mellencamp

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has some redemption to do. In recent seasons, the show has been filled with gang-ups, cover-ups and secrets that the ladies will fight tooth and nail (read: sue everyone in the book) to keep off-camera. But this year, there’s hope. Garcelle Beauvais is back for a second season with her buddy Sutton Stracke getting a diamond of her own. Crystal Kung Minkoff is a newbie introduced by none other than friend-of Kathy Hilton, who has already proven to be the wacky side character this show needed. And Erika Jayne’s ongoing legal issues are sure to bring the drama.

The season premiere already was off on a better foot than Season 10. The always polarizing, and frankly boring, Teddi Mellencamp stepped out of her father’s shadow and off RHOBH for good after getting fired. Apparently, fans weren’t “all in” with seeing her ultra-close relationship with Kyle Richards and her “accountability” business. Teddi definitely was an accomplice in the gang-up mentality the ladies had against Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards in the past few years. And it’s not fun to watch a group of shady rich ladies put the spotlight on someone else to avoid dealing with their own drama on camera.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle Beauvais wasted no time in holding her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates accountable to grievances that remained unresolved from last season.  On the premiere episode of Season 11, Garcelle confronted Lisa Rinna about the way she treated their mutual friend Denise Richards before she quit the show.  Garcelle found Lisa’s overzealous attention to the truth destructive, and thinks she should have been supportive instead.  And while Lisa felt they had put the issue to bed after meeting for drinks, Garcelle revealed to co-star Sutton Stracke that she still didn’t trust Lisa.

Then there is Kyle Richards’ shocking accusation from the Season 10 reunion.  Kyle claimed that Garcelle never paid money promised at a charity event that she organized.  Garcelle strongly contested the claim at the time, but is ready to confront Kyle again as evidenced by a teaser trailer.  In the meantime, both Kyle and Lisa fluttered about Dorit Kemsley’s barbecue completely unaware of the tension brewing.  They are either oblivious or faking smiles and good humor for the cameras.  Garcelle thinks it’s the latter.

Crystal Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

There was an opening in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast when Season 10 ended. After dealing with the Brandi Glanville hook-up drama, Denise Richards dipped out of the franchise in September of 2020. It wasn’t a surprise, given that the only RHOBH cast member who stood by her side was her friend, Garcelle Beauvais.

For Season 11, Sutton Stracke was promoted and given full-time status, along with her very own diamond. Kyle Richards’ sister, Kathy Hilton, signed on as a Friend of the Housewives. Kyle and Kathy have sometimes had a rocky relationship. Kathy was angry when Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, left her husband Rick Hilton’s real estate firm to start his own.

Dorit Kemsley

Grab your diamonds and rose, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back baby. Sutton Stracke showed off her new diamond during the premiere of Season 11. Erika Jayne’s appearance was eerie as she was talking about her marriage to Tom Girardi prior to his mountain of legal issues. Kyle Richards showed off her new nose, and we finally got to meet her other sister Kathy Hilton. And Lisa Rinna is still sporting her big lips and signature spunky hairdo. Sounds about right.

The star of the premiere was Garcelle Beauvais, who’s back for a second season without Denise Richards. We saw Garcelle hold Rinna accountable for her behavior toward Denise last season, and she didn’t come to play. She drank fireball shots with Sutton and shaded Kyle by naming a basic AF goldfish after her. She’s a queen and not afraid to stir the pot, so I can’t wait to see what else she brings this season.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

During the premiere episode of Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna met with Garcelle Beauvais to try and mend their friendship. Garcelle was not a fan of the way that Lisa treated Denise Richards last season amid the Brandi Glanville hook-up drama. If Rinna thinks that her apology wiped away Garcelle’s anger from last year, she is sadly mistaken.

Last season on RHOBH, Rinna detailed her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin’s struggle with anxiety. Amelia has also battled anorexia and received some hate from online trolls who accused her of pretending to have the condition to gain more camera time. That is awful.

Sutton Stracke Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RHOBH

Last season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, newbie Sutton Stracke was a Friend of the Housewives. Sutton is southern, sassy, and only wears couture. She had hoped to be a full-time cast member, but she wasn’t able to film enough of her personal life to make it work.

RHOBH viewers saw Sutton’s dismay because co-star Kyle Richards didn’t put out place cards at her dinner party. Then, Sutton called pregnant co-star Teddi Mellencamp “boring” during a game of first impressions. That’s right- Sutton made poor Teddi cry. While Sutton owned that she can be “snobby,” she stated, “I’m not a mean girl.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 11

Are you ready for the Erika Jayne drama to FINALLY play out on camera? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back, and things are getting spicy in the 90210. Fans were clamoring for Erika to be axed after last season. Thank goodness she’s still on the show. If she was fired, this insane drama wouldn’t be playing out this season for us. Nobody knows the full scope of what’s real and what’s not, but it’s going to be a fascinating journey.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Garcelle Beauvais‘ relationships with the other women develop. She left things last season in a not so good place with Kyle Richards and longtime friend Lisa Rinna. The wounds are still semi fresh. We’ll see! Anything’s possible. Most importantly Crystal Minkoff & Kathy Hilton are new faces on the scene. They better bring it. Period.