Eddie Judge

Kelly Dodd confronts Shane

Oh, how times have changed. Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd have come a long way from screaming at each other in public. Now they are defending each other after screaming at others in public.

During the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly got into it with Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Steve Lodge, Emily Simpson, and Emily’s husband Shane Simpson at Tamra Judge’s party for Eddie Judge’s birthday.

Vicki GUnvalson is called out for breaking Girl Code

Are Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd on good terms or not? They have supposedly moved on from that double date disaster, but Kelly came for Vicki’s man Steve Lodge during the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly also had some choice words for Emily Simpson’s husband Shane Simpson that same party.

Specifically, Kelly called Shane a “little bitch,” which obviously did not sit well with Emily who told Kelly she would “kill” her. There is not a more effective way to rile up a Real Housewife than to mess with her man.

Instagram Roundup:

This week your favorite reality TV stars were all about the family time. Potomac Housewife Monique Samuels posted a photo of herself with her husband Chris Samuels and their two children. Former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Meghan Edmonds shared a photo holding all three of her babies in her lap at the same time.

Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman spent some quality time with his daughter. Teen Mom‘s Leah Messer shared a selfie with her daughter on a swing set.

Emily Simpson defends her marriage
Unfortunately for Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Emily Simpson, the ladies don’t have much to discuss this season. That’s why Tamra Judge has continually baited her costars to talk about Emily andShane Simpson’s marriage. I bet Shane wishes he didn’t sign the release to appear on this show….

Emily addressed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. She discussed the double date that she and Shane had with Tamra and Eddie Judge :“I love that when Tamra (of course) brought up the poker night incident regarding Gina’s [Kirschenheiter] exit that Eddie spoke up that he ‘probably would have done the same thing.’ Haha! Love Eddie!” How is this such a major story line? The show used to be so much better than this.

Tamra Judge Explains Why She Changed Her First Name For The Show; Daughter Releases New Song

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is on pretty good terms with her castmates (so far!) this season. In a new interview with ET, the reality star talks about mending fences with Vicki Gunvalson and trying her hardest to help Shannon Beador. She also reveals why she stopped using her nickname when she joined the cast.

Tamra explains her name change, “Growing up, my mom called me Tammy. When I got [cast on] the show, there already was a Tammy, Tammy Knickerbocker. So, when I got hired, I remember on the phone I’m like, ‘Really? I got hired? I got hired?’ And I’m like, you know, ‘I know there’s already another Tammy, but my real name’s Tamra,’ and they’re like, ‘OK, we’re calling you Tamra,’ and there it was.”

Tamra Judge

At this point, Tamra Judge’s storylines on Real Housewives of Orange County are more about stirring the pot with her costars or her husband Eddie Judge. We do not see Tamra’s kids on the show these days. That’s not the case for Tamra’s social media though. Just like most moms, she loves sharing photos of her children.

Recently, Tamra, Eddie, and her kids Spencer and Sophia enjoyed some quality time during a family vacation in Europe.

Tamra Judge

Season 12 of Real Housewives of Orange County was the worst in the history of the show. Pretty much no one wanted to film with Vicki Gunvalson and essentially nothing happened the entire time. During the reunion, Tamra Judge and Vicki formed a truce with a heartfelt hug, but even so they still had a long way to go in their relationship.

During the second episode of Season 13, Vicki finally apologized for spreading rumors that Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge is “secretly gay.” The meetup seemed to end well, but what does Tamra truly think about Vicki’s apology?

Kelly Dodd Said Vicki Gunvalson Was “Full Of Sh*t” When She Apologized To Eddie Judge

For most of her time on Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd has been a pretty polarizing character. Nevertheless, most viewers can’t help being on her side after watching the last episode.

Her “friend” Vicki Gunvalson introduced a woman to Kelly’s (very recent) ex-husband Michael Dodd and went on double dates with the duo without telling Kelly. Who does that? Of course, Michael was going to end up dating someone, but why is Vicki hanging out with them and keeping it from Kelly? SHADY.