Heidi Dillon

Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: Cirque du Slit Throat

The season two finale of The Real Housewives of Dallas is upon us. The ladies have appeared to come full circle, resulting three versus three, with little hope of resolution. Cary Deuber successfully played her way into the “middle” all season, and now has a tight alliance Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. Brandi turned on LeeAnne Locken real quick and the war rages on – onto the third season, we hope.  If you haven’t already, tell your friends to watch this show. They’ve earned another season. On with the show:

LeeAnne and D’Andra Simmons are engagement party planning. There is a theme and a surprise! I’m friends with LeeAnne its carnival-themed! It’s going to be more Cirque du Soleil than county fair. Keeping it classy people! Expect an eatable cotton candy wall and a “lounge pocket”, whatever that is. D’Andra is all too excited to plan a follow-up engagement brunch for the day after. Even Mama Dee Simmons approves of LeeAnne and Rich, but she’s got a date the night of the party, so don’t expect to see her. Speaking of moms, we find out that LeeAnne’s mama is coming. We’re told she and LeeAnne are estranged and LeeAnne is hoping for a resolution.

Tiffany Hendra

As the Frick to LeeAnne Locken’s Frack, Tiffany Hendra seems to be locked in the role of defending, pardoning, and egging on her totally unhinged best friend with each passing week. This behavior isn’t doing any favors for Tiffany’s rep though. But The Real Housewives of Dallas star says she doesn’t care. LeeAnne is her SOULMATE! 

Speaking of soulmates, Tiffany throws some leftover love at hubby Aaron, whose concert she gushes was “so amazing. THANK YOU ALL! A few people speculated that I was behind the idea of Aaron dedicating ‘My Number One’ to Brandi [Redmond’s] brother Michael, but that was all Aaron’s idea and it’s been beautiful to see the conversation that’s started around our military and PTSD.” Tiffany claims the concert also “gave Aaron a boost toward calling Dallas ‘home.'”



I know that Brandi Redmond agrees with me when I say that I really did not appreciate LeeAnne Locken bringing in that obnoxious Heidi Dillon lady on the last Real Housewives of Dallas episode. Who is that woman? There was no reason for her to be on this episode and there is no reason for her to wear any of the outfits that she did. I felt like I was getting visually assaulted. LeeAnne was already extremely off-putting on her own so I don’t get why she needed to bring in someone else with the sole purpose of offending and embarrassing her fellow cast members.

On some level, I’m sure that Brandi was ecstatic that she was not LeeAnne’s target (for once), but it had to be so painfully awkward attending that Gothic State Fair party. I felt vicariously awkward from my couch at home, so I can’t imagine actually being there. It was definitely a set up to gang up on Cary Deuber and Brandi was definitely appalled.



I cannot help feeling bad for Tiffany Hendra on Real Housewives of Dallas. It seems like she is the only cast member who is actually friends with all of the girls and since they pretty much all hate LeeAnne Locken, that has to be extremely awkward for her. Tiffany seems like a nice person and a very loyal friend, so it seriously has to suck being caught in the middle of LeeAnne’s many beefs with the rest of the cast.

LeeAnne was being especially manipulative when she decided to invite Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman, and Brandi Redmond to Heidi Dillon’s party just so they can meet her and give her justification to talk shit (aka regurgitate LeeAnne’s opinions). LeeAnne was just way too desperate to set up drama and she really did a poor job at it. The tension that she contrived made for an extremely boring party for the guests and the viewers.