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Am I the only still recovering from last week’s devastating episode of Below Deck Mediterranean? After undermining Kiko Lorran all season long, Captain Sandy Yawn fired the chef in the middle of a charter and still expected him to finish it out with full enthusiasm. That was just so cold and so tough to watch.
It gets even more scandalous though. On tonight’s episode, bosun Malia White’s boyfriend Tom Checketts, who just happens to be a chef, is visiting her. Wow. That timing is just so “coincidental” isn’t it? Many viewers are not buying that one, assuming this was a complete setup from the start.

Kiko Lorran Doesn’t Blame Hannah Ferrier For Failed Vegas Meal; Explains Why He Warned Hannah About Bugsy Drake

I’m just going to come out and say it – I’m a Kiko Lorran stan. I’m not sorry either. It’s rare that someone comes onto Below Deck Mediterranean with such a sweet appeal. He’s friendly, thoughtful and well, adorable. Am I right, friends?

But sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. Captain Sandy Yawn landed herself on my forever shit list when she fired him. I guess Sandy has a short memory because this is the same man who pulled out a 72-plate dinner. Either way, Sandy decided to find a new chef, leaving me everyone heartbroken.

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After it looked like fans of Below Deck Mediterranean were going to get a season of lady bosses taking over, the whole thing has turned into a big old mess #feminismbybravo. Hannah Ferrier has been tested by producer plant permanently irritated Lara Flumaini. Lara’s parents must have repeatedly rewarded her for acting like a jackwagon, and it was obvious. Captain Sandy Yawn showed Lara the door, only to open it for Hannah’s nemesis, and frequent Claire’s Boutique shopper, Bugsy Drake.

The current season of Below Deck Med, previously lauded as “the one where women are in charge” has become a floating dumpster fire. A racist was discharged. A well-meaning chef has been axed. And Hannah is on the hook about taking a Valium for anxiety. Bugsy had a go with Hannah on previous seasons, but she is great buds with the yacht’s bosun, Malia White. THANK GOODNESS Malia’s boyfriend, whose visit coincides with Chef Kiko Lorran’s strange termination, has a vast amount of chef experience. Word on the street is Captain Sandy, Bugsy, Bugsy’s 14 hairclips, and Malia might be plotting against Hannah to defeat her legacy once and for all. Viewers also suspect Kiko’s firing was a set up to bring in Malia’s boyfriend. Bugsy attempts to address these rumors on social media, and Hannah shared her thoughts as well.

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This season of Below Deck Mediterranean has had some really rough seas. And obviously, I’m not just talking about their charters.

First, we had to deal with Hannah Ferrier’s conflict with second stew, Lara Flumiani. Whether you love or hate Hannah, you have to admit that Laura had a crap attitude. So it’s no surprise Laura quickly gave up and left the boat, opening the way for Bugsy Drake to rejoin the crew. Despite Hannah and Bugsy’s past beef, both have seemed to work well together (so far). Next, we had the firing of Pete Hunziker for racist behavior. So good riddance! As if that wasn’t enough for you, now we have Bosun Malia White telling on Hannah for having valium on board. This season is a mess.

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Hannah Ferrier took it heart when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Kiko Lorran.  She did advise him on the underwhelming Vegas dinner menu, but the endearing Below Deck Mediterranean chef wavered between excellence and frantic scrambling in the kitchen, which ultimately lead to his termination.  He had a unique talent, but his sensitive spirit couldn’t handle the hostility of Captain Sandy’s micromanaging.

Kiko’s firing led not only to his unraveling emotions, but Hannah’s as well.  She experienced a panic attack.  It was a very vulnerable and painful moment to watch. The footage resonated with one crew member in particular, who revealed that she too, struggles with anxiety.

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Kiko Lorran Thanks Fans For Support And Asks Them “Not To Blame Other Cast Members” For Him Getting Fired

The Below Deck Mediterranean fans are going to miss Kiko Lorran. It was so tough to watch him feeling so defeated after Captain Sandy Yawn fired him during the most recent episode. He even had to work through the rest of the charter, which was just so sad to watch.

Pretty much everyone on Twitter sympathized with Kiko. I, for one, wanted to give him a hug. It was so tough to see him crying in his bunk. After the episode, lots of viewers took issue with some of the other cast members. However, Kiko, as per usual, kept it classy after the episod.

Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn Kiko Lorran

The most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranan was absolutely heartbreaking. Captain Sandy Yawn fired fan favorite Kiko Lorran in the charter, without another chef on hand to cook for the guests (and the crew).

Then, she asked an absolutely crushed Kiko to be “professional” and “do the job” anyway, even though he had just been fired. All season long, it felt like she was just looking to cut Kiko down. Sure, it could have been the editing, but why did she check in with guests to ask if they really thought the food was good after they had already said it was. It just felt like a setup to bring you know who’s  boyfriend on to take that chef spot.

Hannah raising funds for organization that helps people with anxiety, suicidal tendencies

The most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranean was an absolute doozy. Doozie? I don’t know. I’m still recovering. **Spoiler Alert**

Watching chef Kiko Lorran be applauded by the guests split between him sobbing in his cabin and telling chief stew Hannah Ferrier he loves her forever warmed my cold dead heart. Watching Captain Sandy Yawn scurry around figuring out that a beloved chef being fired mid charter might bring down morale cooled it right back off though. Don’t worry. As always, Hannah was caught between the two trying to hold it all together. She’s already dealt with a ton. There was the loss of her second stew. Then the return of her less-than-friend, Bugsy Drake. Let’s not forget she’s still sharing quarters with racist and since fired idiotPete Hunziker. Though well-earned, it didn’t make watching Hannah’s panic attack on this week’s episode any easier.