Ignacio Martinez

Texicanas Recap: Mind Over Matter

On last night’s episode of Texicanas, Penny Ayarzagoitia continued to carry the bones of the drama with her friends. After the head pat and scolding Mayra Farret gave Luz Ortiz, on last week’s episode, tensions are high. Luz stormed away as Mayra tried to explain her actions. Mayra feels like her anger is justified, but concedes to apologize for putting her hands on Luz. Who would think calling someone “anal” would result in all of this? Chill out, Mayra. It’s not that serious.

We have the chance to meet Luz’s family and learn more about her past. Surprisingly, when she was married she was the total opposite of who she is today. Instead of a rocker chick, she was a traditional wife and mother like Lorena Martinez. What a difference a divorce will make. I can’t imagine her wearing frilly dresses and playing the role of the Stepford wife.

Texicanas Season Premier Recap: Two Months Earlier

Texicanas is a new series on Bravo based in Antonio, TX that has one of the largest Mexican populations in the United States. The show follows six ladies as they navigate friendship, family, and, of course, drama, all while maintaining their connection to their culture and traditions. If you are looking for a mix of Real Housewives with a hint of a telenovela, this is the show for you!

In a twist, the story is told from the perspective of Penny Ayarzagoitia. She recounts the events that lead to relationships unraveling and friends turning into enemies. She was born in the U.S., but spent her youth in Mexico. She’s has a successful real estate career in San Antonio with husband, Raul and they have two sons.