Jessica Moore

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Jessica Moore Says “You Can STILL DO YOUR JOB SAFELY AND Take Your Prescribed Medications”

The most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranean has been very triggering for the viewers. Instead of having a discussion with Hannah Ferrier about her anxiety or asking if there was anything she could do to make life easier on the boat, Malia White took the sneaky approach. She arranged Hannah’s prescription medication and sent a photo to Captain Sandy Yawn.

If she actually cared about Hannah or keeping peace on the boat, she could have handled that in many different ways. Why didn’t she just have a conversation with Hannah and Sandy in person if she actually cared about Hannah’s anxiety? Oh, right. Malia actually did not care. Instead, she wanted to stir up drama and rearrange all of the cabins just so she could sleep in the same room as her boyfriend Tom Checketts. Whether she was complying with maritime law or not, Malia showed zero empathy and zero compassion for Hannah.